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1.4.11 Travel to the near future and take part in lots of street fights in Battle Night, a fantastic cyberpunk beat 'em up with some features from idle games
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The FT Games studio takes us to a lawless city in the year 2098. Under the neon lights of this cyberpunk environment, we will have to face lots of enemies in street fights to survive one more day.

Gather a team of heroes and survive in a lawless city

Battle Night is a spectacular role-playing game with cyberpunk street battles and is set in a futuristic city. Its 2D graphics, extraordinary character designs and dark aesthetics are slightly reminiscent of the fantastic Square Enix video game The World Ends with You, and that's saying something.

Idle game features with great immersion, such as putting your heroes to train while you relax and enjoy.

Our mission in this title will be to gather a team of warriors to face criminals and thugs sheltered by the darkness of the night and the reflections of the neon lights. The combats play out automatically, so our job is to choose the combat formation, to equip the characters and to raise them in level as we advance and we gather resources and rewards.

There are lots of different characters to collect. It also has idle features, so our characters will keep training even when we are not playing. On a technical level it's a marvel, immersing us in a dark cybernetic world characteristic of science fiction. It is an outstanding game. If we like the genre, downloading the APK file for this title is highly, highly recommended.

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Laura Stutt
Laura Stutt
FT Games
Over a year ago
More than a year ago
259.8 MB

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