Counter Strike 2D

Download Counter Strike 2D for free, a clone of the popular Counter Strike in 2D. Enjoy new weapons and missions during your sessions of Counter Strike 2D

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Counter Strike is one of the most venerated games when it comes to the shooter genre, thanks to its frenetic combats and specially due to its multiplayer mode, which makes it easy to face other players, whether by means of the Internet or a local network. You can also enjoy Counter Strike 2D, a clone of Counter Strike in 2D.

Much more than a 2D version of Counter Strike.

It has all sorts of missions to be accomplished and a large amount of weapons. As in the original title, you'll have to save the objectives if you want to win in Counter Strike 2D.


  • Clone of Counter Strike with a 2D top-view perspective.
  • Play over the Internet or local networks with other players and use bots.
  • Includes all kinds of weapons from Counter Strike as well as other new weapons.
  • Different game modes which guarantee maximum entertainment.
  • Includes a map editor.

Enjoy this classic video game full of action and strategy once again. Create your own assault team, brandish your weapon and manage to defeat your opponents in this free 2D version of Counter Strike: download Counter Strike 2D for free!

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Unreal Software
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