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DevilutionX is an app that allows us to play the legendary ARPG Diablo in an adapted, touch-friendly, much more user-friendly, and completely bug-free way


An optimized and more accessible way to play Diablo

May 25, 2024
8 / 10

DevilutionX Android is an app for mobiles and PCs that allows us to optimize an ARPG of the stature of the first Diablo and make it much more user-friendly and accessible. Ready to return to Tristram and confront demonic hordes? Let the battle between good and evil begin!

Between heaven and hell

Good and evil, heaven and hell. The history of humanity has been characterized by this dichotomy. And Diablo is a clear example of this. However, it isn't an ARPG especially designed for mobile devices. Fortunately, DevilutionX APK lands to make things easier for us and to add a pretty accurate touch system. However, it should be pointed out that, although we have a demo mode, we need to have the original Diablo to be able to start playing. Once we have that, an endless number of possibilities open up:

  • An app that enhances the legendary Diablo and its expansion (Hellfire).
  • Enhanced gaming experience, with the highlight being the new touch control.
  • Cross-platform multiplayer game.
  • Lots of bugs removed from the original game.
  • Compatible with mobile devices and even Android TV.

It's time to return to Tristram with this optimized version of the popular ARPG.

Diablo stands tall as one of the best ARPGs in history. And yes, we can download DevilutionX for free to enjoy playing it again in a unique, enhanced, and more user-friendly way, adapted to the touch controls of any mobile device.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.3
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