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Murder Mystery is a game where you could be a civilian, a police officer, or a murderer: kill all the other players, try to survive, or investigate crimes

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There is no doubt that Among Us has brought back the popularity of the formula that existed in board games like Cluedo, in which someone plays the role of the criminal and the rest of the players have to discover their identity. This is the basis of Murder Mystery, an action and adventure game featuring a graphic style identical to that of Minecraft.

Murderer, civilian, or a police officer?

These are the three roles that you can take on in the game, and what you have to do will depend on the role you get to play:

  • Murderer: armed with a dagger, you will have to get rid of all the civilians in order to win.
  • Civilian: you won't start off with a weapon, but you can help the police by providing clues and try to survive on a complex map of murderers.
  • Police officer: you have to protect the civilians and, armed with a pistol, will have to get rid of all the murderers in order to win.

The mechanic is similar to that of some previously seen multi-player games where the aesthetics are inspired by the Mojang creation and in which you will be able to freely move around the randomly created world in order to achieve your goal, whatever that may be, with the help of an inventory in which you will be able to keep all kinds of useful items.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Blockman GO Studio
6 months ago
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