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My Candy Love is a dating game for Android devices known as Otome games. Fall in love with Castiel, Nathaniel or Ken by giving all the correct answers

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The usual stuff found in RPG games are monsters, dungeons, and similar elements, but there's also room for different approaches focused on other sorts of players. So, why not create an RPG about love?

My Candy Love is your particular Hatoful Boyfriend for Android: a dating and lover game in which you'll discover your significant other, even if it's all a huge lie (by now, you should know that love doesn't exist). This virtual dating game for Android comes along with one of those stories that touch your heart. It's a conversational adventure game in which all the action is developed through dialogs held between the characters and each answer leads to a different ending. However, everything is carried out from a female point of view: the main character of the story is a girl who has to conquer the man of her dreams.

The famous dating game, now on Android.

Castiel, Nathaniel, and Ken. Handsome looking guys!

It's definitely a game full of cliches. You'll be recommended to wear the right clothes to your dates and answer each question correctly to conquer the heart of Castile, Nathaniel or Ken, our good-looking candidates. That's definitely a good way of encouraging heteropatriarchy in video games. At least the developers have warned us that it isn't an APK suitable for kids under the age of 12.

The goal is simple: get a date with the guy you like. For such purpose, you'll have to advance through the story, find out interesting facts about the characters and generate the perfect conditions to draw the attention of your future lover.

And here goes a tiny guide to help you out

The first thing to do is create a user account and choose a name for our story, then set out to Sweet Amoris high school where you're supposed to learn maths and things like that. Want to know how to play? Try to master these concepts:

  • Action points: they allow you to move all over the place. You'll receive 10 action points every day. If you run out, you'll have to wait until the next day or buy some more through in-app purchases. You'll start off with 100 AP, and each move uses 2.
  • Apart from the AP we've also got money to purchase objects. However, money is also limited: each day you'll receive 15 coins, but once finished you'll also have to buy some more. Be careful, because it's very easy to run out of money spending it on rubbish.
  • Lov'o'metre is the sidebar that measures your love. The bar will rise or fall depending on how much the guy likes you. No need to say, that the higher the better.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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Antony Peel
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