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Create a team of legendary warriors with fantastic heroes and gods and embark on an epic adventure to restore the timeline in the Ode to Heroes app

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The world needs our help once again in this incremental role-playing game developed by DH-Games. Download the APK file and assemble a team of powerful heroes, confront the forces of evil, and repair the timeline.

Strategy, automatic battles, and tons of heroes

Ode to Heroes is an extraordinary action and strategy RPG with idle mechanics and automatic turn-based battles. Our mission will be to gather a team of heroes formed by gods and fantasy characters of anime aesthetics.

And precisely there lies one of the best features of this game, since we can collect over 200 characters from different factions with unique powers. And although the 2D graphics of this game are pretty cool, the character design, in particular, is just marvelous.

Take the characters through the story and repair the timeline.

Apart from recruiting warriors, we must choose those who go to the battlefield and their combat formation. Also, we will have to invest the rewards we earn after each combat to unlock more characters and improve the features of those we already have in our ranks.

Otherwise, the battles are automatic. And the best thing is that we can increase their speed or omit them so that they do not become repetitive over time. On the other hand, it has multiplayer functions, what else could you ask for?

Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
531.9 MB

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