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Office Accounting Express is a program to manage the accounts of any major company. Download Office Accounting Express and try out all its functions

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Office Accounting Express allows you, by means of six different modules, to efficiently manage the economic area of any business, both in large scale companies as well as in small and medium enterprises. The fact that the application is divided into six basic functions makes working with it a lot easier for all users.

  The scope covered by Office Accounting Express covers six basic management areas:
- Customers: In which it is possible to create a database with all your clients. It allows you to manage the different contracts, to assign invoices, send messages or manage the receipts, among many other things.
- Vendors: In which you will be able to register all your suppliers.
- Employees: The perfect place to have all the information concerning your workers, with control over the wages, vacations or pending payments.
- Banking: A very useful module to have effective management over all the company's bank movements. From bank accounts, to transfers or even, company credit cards.
- Online sales: As each day goes by, the majority of companies place more and more emphasis on the Internet. With this module it will be very easy to control everything that has to do with this sales channel.
- Reports: This section is where all the documentation will be compiled, including the invoices and other general data reports about anything in one of the other databases.

  With Office Accounting Express running your company will be very easy.
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