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Outlook.com replaces Hotmail. Access Outlook.com to read and send messages with your account and discover the improvements included in this service

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The new webmail by Microsoft is called Outlook.com, which has been launched to substitute the well known Hotmail email service.

Complete renovation of the Microsoft email service.

Modern email by Microsoft

Among the innovations of Outlook.com it is worth highlighting the design of its interface which adopts the Metro style of Windows 8. Another of the strong points of Outlook.com is its integration with social networks: Outlook.com offers you the possibility to start conversations with Facebook contacts, as well as adding contacts from Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. Skype will be another service that will soon be available via Outlook.com.

And of course, it also integrates perfectly with Microsoft services like SkyDrive, Windows Live Messenger, calendar options, etc.

Another of the key features of Outlook.com is the so-called Quick View. It is a quick access to previews of documents, photos... and even videos.

Main Outlook.com functions

In other words, Outlook.com offers:

  • Renovated interface based on Metro.
  • Integration with social networks and services like Skype.
  • Quick access to SkyDrive, Messenger and Calendar.
  • Quick views to locate mail with the contents you are looking for.

Modern and functional, with more possibilities than ever. This is what the new email by Microsoft is like. Try Outlook.com, it is free!

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