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Dive into a world of fantasy, swords and witchcraft in Pasha Fencer, a stunning 3D role-playing game which is sponsored by popular Turkish actor Can Yaman

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Fans of mobile role-playing games and Turkish actor Can Yaman can't miss this spectacular title developed by 4399en Game. Download the free APK file, choose your hero and get ready to fight in a fantastic world of sword and witchcraft.

Role-playing game set in an epic fantasy world

Can Yaman sponsors Pasha Fencer, an extraordinary vertical RPG in which the actor puts his face to the Ambassador. A real attraction for old and new players.

Our role in this medieval fantasy world will start by creating a hero. At the beginning we will be able to choose between swordsman or magician and the kingdom to which we want to pay tribute, which will have a direct effect on the appearance of our character. Once a name has been chosen, we will be ready to launch ourselves directly into the adventure.

A magical world of sword and magic.

The most curious thing about this title is that we will play vertically, offering us an excellent gameplay and lots of comfort, which is combined with spectacular 3D graphics. Come on, that the graphic section is of the most result.

With all this we will be able to follow in a very simple way the games, since our character will move almost automatically to fight against the monsters and to fulfill the missions, being our role reduced to enjoy the action, to choose strategies and to press buttons to execute certain actions.

The result is a very cool game in which, in addition, we will be able to interact with other players of the server, as well as to improve the abilities of our hero and to change his equipment with different weapons and armors. And we can even get a pet to accompany us on our journey. If we like the genre, this game is a sure hit.

Requirements and additional information:
Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
4399en game
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162 MB

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