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PickCrafter is a Minecraft-style game in which your target is to dig. You'll have to dig into the soil with your pick to find resources and survive

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Whilst some video games are almost perfect with their clean and sharp graphics, others manage to become hits just using giant pixels. PickCrafter is a simulation game that intends to be something similar to a lite version of Minecraft. Your goal is to dig with some sort of unbreakable pick that never becomes blunt regardless of how many layers of soil you dig up. Simple, isn't it? Definitely, but the game developed by Fiveamp for Android couldn't be more addictive.

Break blocks and collect picks in this pixellated clicker.

Here, all you have to do is dig, dig, dig, dig even more, and dig all over again. You'll start off digging a flat land full of soil and grass but as you go deeper down, the land will gradually change:

  • Plain.
  • Desert.
  • Tundra.
  • Cave.
  • Depths.
  • Tableland.
  • Jungle.
  • Ocean.
  • Moon.
  • Mars.
  • Volcano.
  • Twilight forest.
  • The end.

Find snow in the tundra or explore alien space worlds such as the Moon or Mars.

As you dig more and more, you'll be able to get hold of material to build better equipment and gain experience to increase your skills. One of the most curious aspects is that the game continues playing even if you don't tap the screen so you'll continue to collect picks without moving a finger. You'll also have to mine gems and hit the avatars that pop up around the screen now and again. Find and create weapons, armor, bait, and even items for events.

How to collect treasures using codes

Now and again you can turn to AMP Codes to get hold of codes for items and chests. To find those codes, the game's wiki redirects us to a Twitter account that takes care sharing these keys and other secrets about the game.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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