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Remember The Milk allows you to manage your outstanding tasks and their attributes. With Remember The Milk you can share your tasks with your contacts

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Everybody knows that it is better to write things down to remember them. Applied to the digital world, we can make use of task managers and Remember The Milk is one of these applications. It will allow you to monitor all your outstanding tasks and obligations from the web.

Don't forget a single one of your obligations

Managing tasks with Remember The Milk is very easy. You will only have to write down the name of the task to be carried out, and you will automatically be able to edit its properties, such as the expiry date, the time foreseen for the latter or the tags to classify it from the main interface. The tasks are divided into several groups for a better classification, and they can be ordered by priority, deadline or name. Furthermore, it incorporates the possibility to select a location for each one of them so that you can organise yourself as it suits you best.

A task manager applied to your domestic, academic and professional life.

One of the aspects that gives added value to Remember The Milk is that it includes options to send and receive tasks. The user has a list of contacts to who he/she can send and receive tasks from, so that it is a very appropriate tool for collaborative work, extending the use of this tool to professional and academic environments, as well as homes.


  • Manage your tasks from wherever you are with an Internet connection.
  • Establish the properties of your tasks such as execution dates, estimated time, lists, tags, etc.
  • Share your tasks with your contacts.
  • Integration with iGoogle and Google Calendar.
  • Draw up task lists.
  • Input your location to be able to organise your plans better.
  • Establish reminders by SMS, instant messaging or email.

Sign up on Remember The Milk and make use of this brilliant tool that will help you to manage your time and obligations better.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires an email account to be able to sign up for free.
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