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SNOW is a video-based messaging application for iPhone. Make video calls and apply real-time stickers and filters to your conversations and photos

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SNOW is yet another messaging app that allows you to add filters and stickers to the videos you create and send to your contacts. If you haven't got enough with all the applications available to keep in touch with your friends, with this app you can go a step further and send loads of videos, photos or even make video calls dressed up with dozens of stickers and funny filters. In other words, apart from communicating, it's more about having a laugh as it's hard to talk about anything serious with your face full of silly stickers and effects. Take your WhatsApp and Telegram groups over to SNOW and you'll spend hours on end sending each other stupid videos. Your selfies will definitely reach the next level.

Send cool stickers to your friends via video call.

Can I add real-time effects?

One of the peculiarities of this app is that, in the middle of a conversation by video call, you'll be able to add to your face on the screen loads of stickers, filters, and effects to change and decorate your aspect. Another peculiar feature is that the videos and photos you send to your contacts aren't stored. Therefore, they can only view them once, have a laugh and see how they disappear so nobody can regret what they sent in a few years time. However, you can still forward any contents you receive.

The app allows you to invite your friends to be able to add them to the application using different channels:

  • By means of a QR code.
  • Importing your contacts from LINE.
  • Adding contacts straight from your iPhone's contact list.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 9.3.
  • Compatible with:
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPod touch
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