The best social networks, calls and messaging apps for iPhone and iPad

There’s no excuse for not keeping in touch with Friends and family thanks to these communication apps for iPhone. You’ll find everything you need to make phone calls, send and receive messages or chat and nose around social networks

WhatsApp++ 2.19.71 English
WhatsApp++ 2.19.71

Add new functions to WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp Messenger 2.20.121 English

The chat and instant messaging app par excellence

Instagram 165.0 English
Instagram 165.0

The application of the photo social network

TikTok 17.6.1 English
TikTok 17.6.1

Record short videos with music and make them go viral

Facebook 296.0 English
Facebook 296.0

The social network par excellence, now on your iPhone

Snapchat English

Communicate by means of photos and images

Facebook Messenger 290.0 English

Facebook's instant messaging for iPhone

WeChat 7.0.18 English
WeChat 7.0.18

The most popular instant messenger in China

LINE 10.17.0 English
LINE 10.17.0

One of the most popular chat and messaging apps

Twitter 8.44 English
Twitter 8.44

Official iPhone application of this social network

Badoo 5.188.0 English
Badoo 5.188.0

Dating application for iPhone

Gmail - Email by Google 6.0.201018 English

The official Gmail app for iPhone

Microsoft Outlook 4.2045.2 English

Outlook's email client for iPhone

Skype 8.65 English
Skype 8.65

Video calls and messaging on your iPhone

IGTV 167.1 English
IGTV 167.1

Longer and better videos on Instagram

Tinder 11.29.0 English
Tinder 11.29.0

The best dating and flirting app for iPhone

imo - free video calls and chat 7.2.5 English

Text messaging app to make voice and video calls

Viber 14.1.1 English
Viber 14.1.1

Free text, voice, and video messages, as well as free calls

Pinterest 8.42 English
Pinterest 8.42

Picture and photo social network full of inspiring ideas and images

VK 6.17.1 English
VK 6.17.1

The official Vkontakte app for iPhone

Facebook Lite 197.0 English

Connect to Facebook consuming fewer data

WhatsApp Watusi 2.19.92 English

A more complete version of WhatsApp on your iPhone

Instagram 165.0 English

Alternative Instagram client

Omegle 1.6 English
Omegle 1.6

Find who to chat with randomly

Snapchat SCOthman 10.30 English

Wave goodbye to Snapchat's limitations

Facebook++ 145.0 English
Facebook++ 145.0

Unofficial Facebook client that expands its functiosn and features

WhatsApp++ Duplicate 2.18.91 English

Two WhatsApp accounts on your iPhone

Reports+ for Instagram 4.1 English

Obtain detailed reports about the activity of your Instagram account

Grindr 6.26.0 English
Grindr 6.26.0

The gay social network par excellence

Status for WhatsApp 3.0.1 English

Master the art of communication via WhatsApp

Hangouts Meet 40.5.0 English

Group video calls for companies

Truecaller 11.35.5 English
Truecaller 11.17

Search for, identify and block phone numbers

ZEPETO 2.27.3 English
ZEPETO 2.27.3

Create your avatar and use it to interact with other users

Call Recorder 1.5.1 English

Record incoming and outgoing calls

YOLO 1.5.1 English
YOLO 1.5.1

Snapchat's app to send anonymous messages

Hangouts 34.0.314821282 English
Hangouts 34.0.0

Google's chat and video call app 4.2.33 English 4.2.33

Share videos in real time

Tango Voice, Video, and Text 6.34.1603092595 English

Make free phone calls and video calls on your iPhone

Facebook Messenger Kids 149.0 English

Facebook's Messenger for children

3nder 3.3.0 English
3nder 3.3.0

A Tinder to look for threesomes