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Explore the ever-changing world of Geodia in the company of Ada in Sparklite, an action and adventure game with combats, puzzles, and a fantasy storyline

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Can you imagine what the classic Zelda videogames would be like with a touch of steampunk? Well, probably something very much like this fantasy RPG offered to us by the Playdigious studio.

Defend the life force of the planet

Sparklite is an action, adventure, and role-playing game with a whiff of steampunk and 2D pixel art graphics. In the company of Ada, we will move around the world of Geodia while solving puzzles and fighting tons of enemies by using a whole arsenal of weapons, gadgets, and gear.

The story begins when the self-appointed Baron of Geodia seeks to take control of the power of Sparklite, the life force of the planet, for his own personal use and to feed his war machines. But the contaminants produced by the mining of this material are ruining the world and transforming the animals into violent monsters.

An Action-Adventure roguelite set in a whimsical and ever-changing land.

Our mission is to help Ada foil his plans of creating a new world before it is too late. To do so, she will have to travel around the world sabotaging the baron's mines. But the most interesting part is that the biomes are generated procedurally, which means no two settings are the same.

Throughout our adventure, we will meet lots of characters, explore a beautiful world, and fight monsters and titans. And all this while enjoying a nice soundtrack and retro-style gameplay. However, the free download of the APK file only takes us up to the first titan, so it is essentially a demo.

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Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
3 months ago
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