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Tutanota is a safe and encrypted webmail solution. Access your email by means of Tutanota and prevent your messages and private data from being spied on

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Do you want to live in a controlled society in which all your movements are being watched? If the answer is no, it's time to start doing something about it, such as using applications like Tutanota.

No more spies.

Tutanota is an encrypted webmail solution that keeps spies that try to invade your privacy at bay.

Features of Tutanota

  • It's open source and has been published on Github so that any user can take a look at it.
  • Your emails are sent encrypted, but all replies will also travel through a secure channel even if your friends don't use the application.
  • All your email's information is encrypted and not only the messages, but also your contact lists, attached files and other data that may be stored in Tutanota.
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