Multimedia Players for Mac

A compilation of the most essential applications to be able to watch movies, series and videos and listen to music and audio on your Mac computer

VLC Media Player 2.2.8 English

VLC Media Player 2.2.8

VLC is considered the best multimedia player for Mac

Download VLC Media Player
iTunes 12.6.2 English

iTunes 12.6.2

Apple's multimedia player and cataloger

Download iTunes
Kodi - XBMC 17.6 Krypton English

Kodi - XBMC 17.6 Krypton

The best open source media center

Download Kodi - XBMC
Flip4Mac English


Play native Windows files in QuickTime

Download Flip4Mac
KMPlayer 0.3.2 Beta English

KMPlayer 0.3.2 Beta

Versatile and stable multimedia player

Download KMPlayer
QuickTime 7.7 English

QuickTime 7.7

Watch the best films with Apple's multimedia player

Download QuickTime
Fidelia 1.3.1 English

Fidelia 1.3.1

The maximum sound quality on your Mac

Download Fidelia
SRS iWOW English


Improved sound quality for iTunes

Download SRS iWOW
Windows Media Player 9 English

Windows Media Player 9

Microsoft's player for Mac computers

Download Windows Media Player 9
RealPlayer 1.1.0 English

RealPlayer 1.1.0

A multimedia player with hundreds of additional functions

Download RealPlayer
DivX 10.5.7 English

DivX 10.5.7

Everything you need to use this popular format

Download DivX
Movist 0.6.8 English

Movist 0.6.8

A free and versatile multimedia player

Download Movist
MPlayerX 1.0.17 English

MPlayerX 1.0.17

A simple and efficient multimedia player

Download MPlayerX
Mac Media Player 2.17.2 English

Mac Media Player 2.17.2

Multimedia player for your Mac

Download Mac Media Player
Miro 6.0 English

Miro HD 6.0

Organise and view your favourite multimedia contents

Download Miro
Songbird 2.2.0 English

Songbird 2.2.0

The most interesting music player of the moment

Download Songbird
XinePlayer 0.3 English

XinePlayer 0.3

Play all videos from the same application

Download XinePlayer
Perian 1.2.3 English

Perian 1.2.3

The most complete codec pack for Mac

Download Perian
ReelBean 5.6 English

ReelBean 5.6

Simple yet complete multimedia player and converter

Download ReelBean
QT AC3 Codec 0.3 English

QT AC3 Codec 0.3

Enjoy videos with audio in AC3 format in QuickTime

Download QT AC3 Codec
Vox 2.4.1 English

Vox 2.4.1

iTunes will no longer be necessary to listen to music thanks to this light player

Download Vox
iVideo 5.0 English

iVideo 5.0

Complete manager to keep our videos organized

Download iVideo
Ecoute 3.0.8 English

Ecoute 3.0.8

Ligthweight and versatile audio player that uses the iTunes library

Download Ecoute
CoverSutra 3.3.1 English

CoverSutra 3.3.1

The new way to enjoy music on your Mac computer

Download CoverSutra
Lunettes 1.0 Beta 8.0 English

Lunettes 1.0 Beta 8.0

A modern interface for the powerful VLC player

Download Lunettes
CenterStage 0.6.2 Alpha English

CenterStage 0.6.2 Alpha

A great alternative to Front Row

Download CenterStage
Cog 0.07 English

Cog 0.07

A simple yet effective audio player

Download Cog
PicoPlay 1.1.0 English

PicoPlay 1.1.0

A simple and minimalist player for Mac

Download PicoPlay
Swinsian 1.10.11 English

Swinsian 1.10.11

A lightweight music player that includes its own library

Download Swinsian
Winamp Sync Beta English

Winamp Sync Beta

Enjoy your music in a different manner

Download Winamp
DesktopLyrics 1.3.8 English

DesktopLyrics 1.3.8

View the lyrics of the songs that you listen to on iTunes

Download DesktopLyrics
Beamer 3.0 English

Beamer 3.0

Play more video formats on Apple TV

Download Beamer
doubleTwist 3.1.2 English

doubleTwist 3.1.2

Synchronise the contents of your Mac with mobile devices

Download doubleTwist
5KPlayer English


A versatile multimedia player

Download 5KPlayer
TVMOBiLi English


Share your multimedia files with all your devices

Download TVMOBiLi
Plex Media Server English

Plex Media Server

A surprising media center for Mac

Download Plex
Elmedia Player 6.5 English

Elmedia Player 6.5

Multimedia player with an integrated browser

Download Elmedia Player
Reflector 2.4.0 English

Reflector 2.4.0

Turn your Mac into an AirPlay receiver

Download Reflector
1Player 2.5 English

1Player 2.5

A built-in audio and video player for Mac

Download 1Player
Movavi Media Player 1.1.0 English

Movavi Media Player 1.1.0

Play video and audio on your Mac

Download Movavi Media Player