The best apps to edit photos and images on Android

Don’t even dare to upload that pic to Instagram or Facebook without a few enhancements and filters. Take a look at our category of photo and image editing apps to improve and apply effects to your snaps

Canva 2.271.0 English
Canva 2.271.0

A fantastic image and video editor with free resources

PicsArt English

Photo editing and social network, all in one

Photoshop Express 14.8.155 English
Photoshop Express 14.8.155

Quick and easy photo editing with Adobe

InShot 2.060.1454 English
InShot 2.060.1454

Versatile photo, video, and music editor

VSCO 362.1 English
VSCO 362.1

App to take and edit photos on Android

FaceApp English

Application with face transformation effects and filters

Snapseed English

The complete photo editor developed by Google

REFACE 4.16.0 English
REFACE 4.16.0

Image editor to change faces

AirBrush 6.6.4 English
AirBrush 6.6.4

Get perfect selfies anytime

Remini 3.7.700.202414764 English
Remini 3.7.700.202414764

Restore, enhance, and create new photos with AI tools

B612 13.2.10 English
B612 13.2.10

Editor specially focused on selfies

Photo Grid - Collage Maker 8.84 English

App to combine photos and create collages

Pixlr 3.5.7 English
Pixlr 3.5.7

One of the best photo editors for Android

Polarr Photo Editor 6.9.7 English

Powerful photo editor with multiple functions

Polish - Photo Editor Pro 1.563.177 English

A fantastic photo editor packed with tools

YouCam Makeup 6.22.3 English

Beauty and styling app for Android

Candy Camera 6.0.90-play English
Candy Camera 6.0.90-play

Comprehensive camare app

Photo Lab Pictures Editor 3.13.11 English

An image editor with filters, frames and effects

StyleLab 1.3 English

Create unique styles with the help of AI

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 9.4.0 English

The mobile version of Adobe's most powerful digital image editor

BeautyPlus 7.7.110 English
BeautyPlus 7.7.110

Perfect selfies

Retake AI 2.0.0 English
Retake AI 2.0.0

Transform your photos without editing

Photo Metadata Viewer 1.0.253 English

Check photos metadata

Photoleap 1.59.1 English
Photoleap 1.59.1

AI for creating original pictures and editing images

GIMP Inkscape English
GIMP Inkscape

The version of GIMP for Android

PicCut 2.3.8 English
PicCut 2.3.8

Photo editor to modify your selfies' backgrounds

PixelLab 2.1.3 English
PixelLab 2.1.3

Comprehensive text and photo editor

InstaBeauty 5.0.9 English

Easily enhance your selfies

SpeakPic 1.5.5 English
SpeakPic 1.5.5

Make your photos talk or sing

Face Dance 1.7.4 English
Face Dance 1.7.4

Animate your selfies with realistic effects

Motionleap 1.4.2 English
Motionleap 1.4.2

Create animated photos and share them on social networks

Over 7.67.2 English
Over 7.67.2

Create posters with creative texts

Cutout Pro 1.3 English

Erase and change the background of your photos with a tap

FaceCam 1.4.3 English
FaceCam 1.4.3

AI filters for inserting your selfie into all kinds of pics

Background Remover ( Pro 1.41 English

Easily remove any background from your photos

iFace 2.5.3 English
iFace 2.5.3

Turn your selfies into caricatures and drawings

Remove Unwanted Object English

Erase unwanted objects from your photos

Aibi Photo 1.54.0 English
Aibi Photo 1.54.0

Editor to enhance and restore photos

Persona 1.6.64 English
Persona 1.6.64

Beauty and makeup filters for your photos

Hypic 4.2.0 English
Hypic 4.2.0

Image editor specialized in selfie retouching

Fireshot Fireworks 2.77 English

Add fireworks effects to your photos

niji・journey 1.17.0 English

An AI for creating stunning anime-style images

Adobe Express 25.4.0 English

A complete Adobe image and video editor for social media

Revive 3.10.2 English
Revive 3.10.2

Bring your photos to life with just one tap

DALL-E 1.0.3 English
DALL-E 1.0.3

Create digital art with the help of this AI

Preset Box 1.6.7 English
Preset Box 1.6.7

Gallery of development settings for Lightroom

ButterCam 3.0.0 English
ButterCam 3.0.0

Edit your photos with original retro effects

Loro Photo Editor 1.0.6 English

Photo editor with tons of filters and effects

Toolwiz Photos 11.22 English

Powerful photo editor

Panzoid 1.1 English
Panzoid 1.1

The online editor in its unofficial version for Android

Fotor English

Easy image editing and graphic design

Vmake 1.6.0 English
Vmake 1.6.0

Create and edit images for your business with AI

Koloro 6.2.6 English
Koloro 6.2.6

Photo editor with presets and development settings for Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Fix 1.1.0 English

Photoshop's Android app to correct images

Hiface 14.7.6 English
Hiface 14.7.6

Detailed analysis of our face shape

Photo Exif Editor 2.4.14 English

View and edit Exif data of photos

Colourtone 1.91 English

Extensive collection of filters for your photos and videos

PhotoRoom 5.0.5 English
PhotoRoom 5.0.5

Photo editor for advertising images

PhotoDirector 19.3.1 English

Complete photo editor for Android

3DTuning 3.7.935 English
3DTuning 3.7.935

Pimp your ride

GPS Camera & Photo Timestamp 1.1.9 English

Camera with GPS, geotags and watermark with date

LR Free Preset 2.6 English

Lots of free presets for editing your photos

Camera Awesome English
Camera Awesome

An app to take better photos

Genius AI 1.1.4 English
Genius AI 1.1.4

Fantastic AI for image creation and photo editing

InCollage 1.442.230 English
InCollage 1.442.230

Photo editor for creating collages

Lisa AI 1.13.2 English
Lisa AI 1.13.2

AI assistant to turn your words into works of art

Photo Illusion Diffusion AI 4.2 English

Dozens of filters and effects for editing your photos

UpFoto English

Improve your photos and transform them into drawings

Imagine AI Art Generator 4.2.8 English

Create images with AI technology

Facetune English

Easily retouch and edit your selfies

Linpo 3.4.0 English
Linpo 3.4.0

Get creative with AI filters

MindSync 1.0.6 English
MindSync 1.0.6

Photo editing tool powered by artificial intelligence

AI Mirror 3.13.1 English
AI Mirror 3.13.1

Generative AI editor for image and video editing

Cosplay App 2.4.7 English

AI photo editor with drawing filters and natural compositions

Mimic 2.0.7 English
Mimic 2.0.7

Bring your selfies to life

Passport Photo Editor 5.4.11 English

A photo editor for ID cards, passports, and visas

Voilà AI Artist 3.3.368 English

The editor that transforms your photos into Pixar-style caricatures

ToonMe 0.6.92 English
ToonMe 0.6.92

An image editor that converts your portrait to cartoon

Nichi English

App to create collages and stories for your social networks

Gradient 2.10.17 English
Gradient 2.10.17

The photo editor that tells you who is your celebrity lookalike

Mega Photo 1.6.4 English
Mega Photo 1.6.4

Real-time photo and video editor with hundreds of effects

Poni Camera English
Poni Camera

Dozens of filters and effects for your selfies

Afterlight 1.0.6 English
Afterlight 1.0.6

Simple image editing from your Android

Pic Retouch 1.164.35 English
Pic Retouch 1.164.35

Remove unwanted objects or parts of photos with the AI

Photo AI 1.6.7 English
Photo AI 1.6.7

AI for restoring and enhancing your photos

Restyle 5.1.6 English
Restyle 5.1.6

AI to transform your photos into impressive drawings

Logo Master 1.0.2 English

Logo editor for mobile devices

Galaxy Enhance-X 1.0.76 English

Free editor for enhancing your photos

PicWish 1.6.13 English
PicWish 1.6.13

Photo background eraser ideal for online stores

8Bit Photo Lab 1.10.6 English

For your pixel art style photos

Ultimate Photo Mixer 3.1 English

Image editor for blending and overlaying photos

Tezza 2.51.0 English
Tezza 2.51.0

Powerful photo editor offering awesome results

Splendid Logo Maker 4.5 English

Create professional logos with your Android

Cupace 1.5.0 English
Cupace 1.5.0

Photo editor to replace faces

Z Camera 4.60 English
Z Camera 4.60

Effects and filters for your pics

Foto Grid 2.1.0 English
Foto Grid 2.1.0

Create collages and retouch photos

PSD Viewer 15 English

App to open Photoshop files on your cell phone

Enhance it 4.1.5 English
Enhance it 4.1.5

Correct your photos with the help of AI

YouToon 5.0.0 English
YouToon 5.0.0

AI-based cartoon effects

ExifTool 3.6.0-gms English
ExifTool 3.6.0-gms

View, edit, and delete the metadata of any file

Face Restore 3.0 English

Restore old photos with one click

MintAI 1.2.9 English
MintAI 1.2.9

Restore your photos in a jiffy

Pixl 1.0.14 English
Pixl 1.0.14

Retouch your selfies until you no longer look like yourself

PhotoAI 4.1.0 English
PhotoAI 4.1.0

Intelligent image retouching helped by artificial intelligence

PrettyUp English

Photo and video beauty editor

WhatsCrop 5.5.31 English
WhatsCrop 5.5.31

Photo editor for WhatsApp profile pictures

iWatermark 1.4.4 English
iWatermark 1.4.4

Add text and image watermarks to your photos

Photo Retouch 2.3.4 English

Image editor to remove objects from photos

Image Crop 6.7.7 English
Image Crop 6.7.7

Cut, edit, and convert photos and videos

PicPlayPost English

Photo and video editor for creating collages

Gandr 2.7.1 English
Gandr 2.7.1

Create stunning collages with your photos

Lightleap 1.2.6 English
Lightleap 1.2.6

A complete, lightweight photo editor

Loopsie 5.1.9 English
Loopsie 5.1.9

Create animated photos

GIPHY CAM 2.7.2 English

Create GIF animations with your images

Cut Cut Cut 1.7.9 English

Photo editor specialized in cutting and composing wallpapers

Background Eraser 4.3.0 English

Remove backtrounds from your photos

Ditty English

GIF animations with music

Photo Studio English
Photo Studio

Your tiny photo studio

Sticker Photo Editor 3.9 English

Photo editing app with hundreds of stickers

Camera Effects 9.5 English

Apply effects and filters to the images of your gallery

S Photo Editor 2.65 English

Simple and intuitive image editor for Android

Photo Editor 9.9 English

A great image editor for Android devices

Sweet Selfie 5.5.1637 English
Sweet Selfie 5.5.1637

Photography app focused on selfies

Nocrop Photo Editor English

Create collages and montages with your photos

Layout from Instagram: Collage 1.3.11 English

Create collages and photo compositions with this Instagram app

Skitch English
Skitch 2.8.5

Take notes on your screen captures

PixAI 1.1.0 English
PixAI 1.1.0

AI to create anime character illustrations

Remix 3.26.0 English
Remix 3.26.0

Spectacular AI assistant to create original images

Sports Studio 1.0.1 English

Minimalist sports image editor

Festival Studio 1.13 English

Image editor for creating festival posters

AfterFocus 2.2.3 English
AfterFocus 2.2.3

Blur the background in your pics with one tap

Photo Metadata Remover 1.0.187 English

Tool to delete metadata in your photos

Pixelup 1.4.2 English
Pixelup 1.4.2

Restore your damaged or blurred photos

PhotoLayers 2.2.0 English

Combine your photos and create wonderful compositions

FaceLab 4.3.1 English
FaceLab 4.3.1

Edit your photos with this selfie editor

ID Passport VISA Photo Maker 1.3.16 English

A complete editor to create passport photos

ID Photo 1.1.75 English
ID Photo 1.1.75

Turn your selfies into ID photos

Photo Repair 13.3.5 English
Photo Repair 13.3.5

A photo editor with magical effects

Hairstyle Try On 12.1.16 English

Try out different hairstyles and hair colors

Beauty Sweet Plus 1.129 English

The ultimate image editor for your selfies

Processing Photo 1.0 English

Simple photo editor for Android

Lensa 5.2.2+813 English
Lensa 5.2.2+813

A comprehensive image editor with special features for selfies

Sketch Me! 1.91.2 English
Sketch Me! 1.91.2

From photos to sketches

Art Camera 3.8 English

Transform your photos into drawings

Camart 1.31 English
Camart 1.31

Turn your photos into beautiful drawings and illustrations

Codenia Image Size 6.2 English

Easily resize and crop your photos

Picas 2.0.6 English
Picas 2.0.6

Transform your favorite photos into drawings

ArtistA 2.4.5 English
ArtistA 2.4.5

Artistic filters for your photos with drawing effects

Cartoon Pictures 10.0.4 English

Make your photos look like drawings

Z Mobile Photo Resizer 1.8 English

Resize any of your images