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  • What is OpenOffice Base
    OpenOffice Base (until December 2011 known as Base) is a database management system that can be found within the OpenOffice office suite along with others such as OpenOffice Writer, or Calc. It is similar to Access, the database management program offered by Windows. The main difference is that it is free and open-source: it will continue to receive updates that improve its features by a selfless community working on it.
  • How to use OpenOffice
    Surely, the name OpenOffice is familiar to all of us. Especially since it is free software. A great alternative to Word, according to many of us. And we are right. But OpenOffice is not just a great office tool. It is a program to create spreadsheets, vector graphics, PowerPoint presentations, and more.
  • How to install OpenOffice
    OpenOffice is one of the most complete office suites you can install on your computer today. With just one mouse click, you can have up to six programs to cover any office task you need, from presentations to spreadsheets, mathematical formulas, and, of course, text documents.
  • How to number pages in OpenOffice
    Something essential when writing an academic paper: numbering the pages of the paper. If we use OpenOffice as a word processor, the process is very simple. Next, we will show you how to number the pages in OpenOffice to complete our task efficiently. These are the steps we have to take to number the pages in OpenOffice.
  • What is OpenOffice Draw
    An application included in the OpenOffice office suite, Draw offers the user the possibility to create and edit vector graphics and diagrams. It is a tool, like Office, Calc, or Impress, open-source, and free, and we can equate it to CorelDRAW.
  • What is OpenOffice Impress
    OpenOffice Impress is an office application for making presentations. It is the free and open-source equivalent to the well-known (and paid) PowerPoint. The presentations we create in OpenOffice Impress are based on the slide format and support the insertion of images, animations, or audio files. All this so that our presentation goes from functional and correct to excellent.
  • What is OpenOffice Calc
    The free and open-source alternative to Microsoft's Office 365 Excel is called OpenOffice Calc. This spreadsheet processor can be found within the set of apps that make up the OpenOffice office suite.
  • What is OpenOffice Writer
    OpenOffice Writer is a free, cross-platform, open-source word processor. It is part of a suite of applications of the Apache OpenOffice office suite. Among its main advantages, we find that we can save our text document in the .doc extension. This means that if we send a document to someone with Microsoft Word, they will be able to open it without complications since .doc is the file extension used by this Microsoft word processor.
  • What is OpenOffice and what is it for?
    If we go to Wikipedia, we can read that OpenOffice is "a free, open-source office suite that includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing, and database tools." This means that if we download OpenOffice from its official website, we will be receiving a set of applications that we can use to perform an infinite number of tasks related to office automation. From simple text to complex calculations, slideshows, databases, graphs, and much more.
  • Is OpenOffice safe?
    As you all know, OpenOffice is a suite of office applications where you can create everything, from text documents to complex spreadsheets, databases, and vector graphics. It is a very useful solution since, in addition to being free, it is open source, which implies having behind it a community that develops updates that we can download without paying a thing.
  • How to activate Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Illustrator is a highly complex software, mainly focused on professional use. As usual in this type of product, this tool is fee-based. Although Adobe offers you the possibility to use it for seven days to evaluate its features, after that time, you will have to pay a subscription fee. By doing so, Adobe will activate Illustrator, which will allow you to continue using it.
  • How to crop an image with Adobe Illustrator
    In Adobe Illustrator, you have several tools to help you crop images. The first one lets you select a rectangular area and delete the rest of the content. First, select the image and open the Object menu. There, click on Crop Image.
  • What is Adobe Illustrator and what's it for?
    Adobe Illustrator is a graphic design application. It is focused on vector file management, letting the user create, modify, and export files in AI, SVG, PDF, or EPS format. It is based on the "work table" concept, which includes a canvas on which objects, images, and text, can be added. This is an application developed by Adobe, owner of other well-known design applications such as Photoshop. Its first version was released in 1987.
  • What is a vector in Adobe Illustrator
    A vector image is a file type that uses various mathematical attributes to graphically display different geometric shapes. They include lines and polylines, polygons, circles and ellipses, text, and bezigons. Some of the data that a vector file holds are shape, position, radius, or line thickness. This type of graphics is completely different from bitmaps, which are made up of pixels. To display vector files on the screen, devices translate mathematical formulas into bitmaps. Vectors have been present in the world of computing since the beginnings in the 1950s.
  • How to use the Pen tool in Adobe Illustrator
    The pen tool lets you design custom shapes with straight and curved lines. It is also perfect for creating a specific selection on an image and cropping that section. If you want to create shapes with straight lines, use the pen. It is located in the Illustrator tools area.
  • How to install Adobe Illustrator
    To start the installation of Adobe Illustrator, the first step is to download its installation file in EXE format. You can use the download link on this page. You will be redirected to the Adobe Illustrator tab on Malavida. There, click on Download.
  • How to use Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Illustrator is a powerful software. It is difficult to cover all its functions in a single article, as some of them are too specific or complex. Below, we will show you how you can get started with Adobe Illustrator and the basic elements of its interface.
  • How to vectorize an image with Illustrator
    To vectorize an image with Adobe Illustrator, just follow the instructions below. First, open the file you want to vectorize. You can use the File menu, and then, the Open option. Then, simply select your image in the file explorer. You can also drag the file to the work area. In any case, when you have loaded your image into Adobe Illustrator, open the Window menu.
  • What controls do the best Fortnite players use?
    In light of the success of players like Ninja, it's obvious that many users at home are going to try to emulate what he does. But is there a secret recipe to get some extra edge over the rest of the players? There could be, it could even be changing the control settings.
  • Fortnite for PC system requirements
    The minimum system requirements for Fortnite are those that determine what hardware is the minimum essential for the game to run. In the case of the title at hand they are as follows:
  • What is Fortnite?
    Fortnite is a third-person shooter and survival game, simply put. The game began its journey as a survival title, in which we faced hordes of monsters generated by the game itself. It later evolved to include the battle royale mode that we all know, where we face 99 other players to see who is the last one standing at the end of the game.
  • When was Fortnite released on PC
    Fortnite as we know it was released as an early access title on September 26, 2017, although it had previously spent some time as an early access title. Originally, this title wasn't even a battle royale. Its roots go back to 2011, when it was born as a result of a developer meetup (or game jam) at Epic Games, just after they had released Gears of War 3.
  • How to play Fortnite on PC
    To play Fortnite you must keep in mind several concepts:
  • How Fortnite works on PC
    Fortnite Battle Royale is based on a third-person shooter game mode, in which a group of up to 100 players face off in an all versus all mode until only a single survivor remains. The combat takes place in an arena that can only be accessed through an Internet connection.
  • Is Fortnite Battle Royale available in Roblox?
    Fortnite is not on Roblox due to a copyright issue. What does exist on Roblox is a mod of the well-known third-person shooter game, called Island Royale. The mod mimics the Epic Games game in every possible aspect, from parachuting into the arena, to the infamous store where we can go getting items for the game.
  • How to kill the shark in Hello Neighbor
    To kill the shark in Hello Neighbor you must first get the wrench. To do so, we have to enter through one of the windows on the right side of the house that are not walled up:
  • How to fly in Hello Neighbor
    It is not possible to fly as such in Hello Neighbor. There is a way to jump in the air to great heights so that we can get an aerial perspective of everything, but not to fly as birds would do (or as was done in boomer shooters by entering a command in the console for game developers).
  • How to play the rifle range ride in Hello Neighbor
    To play on the fairground ride you will have to use the shotgun you get in the classroom. To do so, go to the counter and place it in its holder by clicking the E key:
  • How to access the shooting gallery ride in Hello Neighbor
    To access the shooting gallery you need to be running one of the alpha or beta versions of the game, as it has disappeared in the current versions. Other than that, you have to have cleared the classroom room to get the shotgun. Once you have done it, leave the room and enter the door on the left side of the corridor:
  • How to get the shotgun in Hello Neighbor
    To get the shotgun in Hello Neighbor, we will need to be running one of the alpha or beta versions of the game (in the current ones it has disappeared). The mechanics and look of the game have changed a lot from then to now.
  • How to bug the neighbor in Hello Neighbor
    There are several ways to bug the neighbor in Hello Neighbor. The first one of them worked until recently, but during our tests, we have not been able to get it to work. However, it may vary in your experience, so let us tell you how to do it so you can test if the method works for you.
  • How to break through walls in Hello Neighbor
    When exploring the neighbor's house in the beta and alpha versions of the game, you saw that there was a brick wall that did not seem very solid. This wall can be taken down, and to do so, you need to take a few steps first.
  • How to open the secret tomb and dig up the dead in Hello Neighbor
    To open the secret tomb and unearth the dead, first of all, you will have to keep in mind that the mechanics, the coffin's location, and what we find there have changed regarding the alpha and beta versions of the game, that involved unearthing a teacher's mannequin. Now, the story is quite different. For starters, the coffin is now unearthed in Act 2.
  • How Hello Neighbor works
    The best way to define how Hello Neighbor works is to compare it to games like Outlast, Penumbra, or Amnesia: the player gets under the skin of someone trying to unravel a dark secret hidden in a castle/asylum/scientific facility at the South Pole/home of a sinister being.
  • How to play Hello Neighbor
    To play Hello Neighbor, you have two ways to do it: with keyboard and mouse, or with an Xbox controller.
  • What is Hello Neighbor?
    Hello Neighbor is an independent adventure, strategy, stealth, and horror game developed by Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild. While the game is not scary, it incorporates mechanics reminiscent of titles such as Penumbra, Amnesia, or the most recent Call of Cthulhu (you are defenseless and you have to hide or run to avoid losing the game). The tension comes more from a sense of suspense, rather than from how scary the game itself can be (although we have to concede that the Neighbor is pretty scary).
  • Hello Neighbor system requirements
    The requirements that games ask of the machines to be able to run them are known as minimum requirements and recommended requirements. Here are the minimum requirements for Hello Neighbor:
  • How to install and uninstall Office on Mac
    Installing Office 2016 is simple, has no complications of any kind, and the process is completed in a short time, although this will depend on your computer's speed. We have prepared this tutorial to guide you step-by-step
  • How to update Office for Mac
    Office is the office suite of choice for millions of users. Getting the latest updates on Mac is something that can be done in different ways. The easiest one is to check for an update in the App Store for Mac. To do this, tap the icon of this application, it is located by default in the dock, which is at the bottom of the screen. When there are updates of any program to be installed, a red number appears. Click on the App Store icon and check Updates to see if you have an update for Mac. If so, just tap on Install and the download and update will be installed.
  • What Office programs are available for Mac
    In its 2016 version for Mac, the programs available in Microsoft Office are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook, in addition to offering access to OneDrive online services, for cloud storage, and Skype, for communications with contacts. However, nowadays, it is possible to use Office for Mac in three different versions, as well as for those who use a PC. The possibilities of these common applications are varied, and before choosing any of the available options, we must know what each one offers. Each version offers a variable number of programs, very extensive in the Microsoft 365 Family and Microsoft 365 Personal options.
  • Is it possible to download Publisher for Mac?
    Publisher is one of the programs of the Microsoft Office suite that is not available in the Mac version, that is to say, that it is not possible to download this software if you are an Apple computer user. Along with Access, these are the two programs that Microsoft does not offer on this platform, regardless of the subscription plan you have. Publisher lets the user layout all kinds of documents, however, on Mac, it is needed to use another option. Most options are a bit harder to use, but they may be your only solution if you want to work with this program.
  • Is it possible to download Access for Mac?
    It is not possible to download Access for Mac since the Microsoft Office suite only offers this software in its Windows version and certain subscription plans. Access is, along with Publisher, the only two software that are only offered on computers with Microsoft operating systems and not on Apple computers. However, there are several options for using Access on a Mac, you just have to look for a viable alternative.
  • How to turn on cheats with commands in Minecraft for PC
    Minecraft is a game that lets you activate all kinds of cheats thanks to commands. These commands are activated from the game chat bar, we will explain how to do it. Of course, activating tricks with commands in Minecraft is an option that you must have enabled at the moment you create a new world. Only then, this option appears. If you do not mark it, it will be impossible to do so later.
  • How to install MODs on Minecraft for PC
    There are several ways to install MODs in Minecraft for PC, it all depends on the type of MOD you got. They are available through third-party websites and are not officially supported by the creators of Minecraft, so their installation involves a risk that the user assumes since in many cases, they modify and change the content of the game.
  • How to install Minecraft on your PC
    To install Minecraft, first, download the game installer. You can find it right at the end of this guide. Click the green Download button and you will be directed to our review of the game. Click the green Download button again and you will be taken to the final download page. A third click will download the Minecraft.exe file to your computer.
  • How to download and install Java for Minecraft
    There are two versions of Minecraft for Windows, one known as Java Edition and the other known as the Windows 10 exclusive version. In the case of the first version, to play Minecraft, you need to have Java installed, a software that enables the game to run on your computer.
  • System requirements for Minecraft for PC
    To play the latest version of Minecraft, your computer must meet several minimum hardware and software requirements. If your device does not comply with them, you will not be able to play.
  • What Java version do I need to play Minecraft
    To play Minecraft from version 1.12 on a Windows computer, Java 8 is required. The software can be downloaded from our website, although in practice, you will not need it either. When installing the latest available version of Minecraft, if you do not have Java installed, it will be installed automatically as the installer has its own version of the software, so you do not have to worry about anything else. Obviously, older versions of Minecraft also require older versions of Java. If this is your case, you should check what is your exact version of the game and look for the minimum Java version required to play. Older versions of the game should work without major problems with any Java version higher than 5. But there is no official support, and therefore, we cannot assure its correct execution.
  • How to apply a skin in Minecraft
    To apply any skin in Minecraft for PC, open the launcher or the game launcher, which is the initial window that serves as a welcome screen and space for settings, updates, and so on. Once there, look for the Skins tab in the menu at the top.
  • How much does Minecraft for PC cost
    Minecraft offers two versions for Windows. The Java Edition version can be purchased from Mojang's website and costs $26,95. Also, a Windows 10 version is available for $29.99 through the Microsoft Store.