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  • How to change the wallpaper for chats in WhatsApp
    WhatsApp includes some customization options that you may want to know if you want to adjust the look of your application to your personal preferences. This time, we are talking about wallpapers for chats.
  • How to clear the cache in WhatsApp
    Generally, applications cache certain data for quick retrieval when needed. WhatsApp is no exception, and therefore, we will tell you how to clear your cache on Android in a very simple way.
  • How to know if I am being spied on and monitored on WhatsApp
    WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications for millions of users around the world. Every day, thousands of messages are sent through this app, sometimes including very valuable personal or commercial information. Therefore, it is normal for you to be very worried about being spied on by someone who is spying on your account on the platform. What methods are most frequently used to steal information on WhatsApp? How can you prevent someone from accessing your user? In this guide, we will tell you all about WhatsApp spying.
  • How to send long and heavy videos on WhatsApp
    WhatsApp sets some limitations when sending files, such as the maximum of 16 MB for photos, videos, or voice notes or 100 MB for documents. This prevents you from sending long and heavy videos to your contacts. Is there any way around this restriction? In this article, we show you two ways to do it.
  • How to craft paper in Minecraft
    As you progress far enough in your Minecraft adventure, you will want to expand your horizons of crafting recipes to have a good handful of ideas to create on your crafting table. This time, we tell you all about making paper in Minecraft, both its usefulness and its step-by-step crafting method. It is very simple, so try it.
  • How to send photos and videos without losing quality on WhatsApp
    WhatsApp automatically compresses the images and videos you send to your contacts. So, the file they receive is of lower quality than the original file. You may wonder if there is a way to avoid this inconvenience? The short and quick answer is Yes.
  • How to unblock myself if I have been blocked on WhatsApp
    When a user blocks you on WhatsApp, there is nothing you can do to lift the restrictions. As long as someone keeps you on the blacklist, you will not be able to send them messages, photos, videos, or voice memos. You will also not see their statuses or the last time they logged in. However, apparently, a trick will help you remove the block imposed by any user. It involves deleting your account and recreating it.
  • How to craft and use a map in Minecraft
    The adventures offered by Minecraft are infinite and so is its world. So, for some players, it may be a little bit overwhelming to explore and move around the multiple biomes available in the game. So, if you are looking for a better way to guide you, then you have come to the right place. Here, we show you how to craft a map step by step, as well as the method to use it to guide you without problems.
  • How to get more likes on Instagram easily
    One of the most fashionable social networks in recent years is Instagram, owned by Meta (Facebook) and based on the publication of photos and videos. Therefore, it is a very visual app where the text usually takes a back seat and the first thing that catches our attention is the photos. Even so, given the huge number of registered users, it is difficult to really stand out, so here are some tips and tricks to achieve a higher number of "likes" on Instagram.
  • How to recover WhatsApp conversations without backup
    WhatsApp lets you back up to the cloud thanks to Google Drive. However, this is an option that the user must activate beforehand. If you have lost a conversation and want to recover it, but you realized that you had not activated the Google Drive copy option, in this article, we tell you how to do it in a very simple way.
  • How to recover photos and videos deleted from WhatsApp
    WhatsApp is much more than messages. In fact, it is a widely used communication tool for sending videos, photos, and other multimedia content. Have you accidentally deleted any of these files and want to recover them? In this article, we explain all the methods available to you.
  • How to schedule WhatsApp messages
    WhatsApp is the default communication tool for millions of users. Although WhatsApp is constantly receiving updates with new features, the company has never included a scheduling tool for sending messages. Therefore, it is impossible to ask WhatsApp to deliver content at a specific date and time and also to do so in an automated manner. If for some reason you need this feature, you will have no choice but to use third-party applications.
  • How to set a password in WhatsApp to hide chats
    WhatsApp is an increasingly versatile communication tool. We no longer use it only for trivial conversations, but also for business and personal matters. But no matter what purpose you use this platform for, you probably want to keep the content of your chats safe from prying eyes. Here are two ways to do it.
  • How to hide WhatsApp conversations without deleting them
    The WhatsApp archive is your ally if you want to hide chats and keep the main list of conversations organized. Here is exactly how it works.
  • How not to receive messages from someone without blocking in WhatsApp
    The WhatsApp block feature can be very useful when you want to prevent a contact from sending you messages or other content. However, there may be times when all you want is to take a break from certain users. In these circumstances, blocking it is too drastic a solution. Is there a way to avoid receiving messages from a contact without going to that extreme?
  • How to leave a WhatsApp group without anyone knowing
    When you leave a WhatsApp group, a warning appears in the message history alerting all participants about this. You may have thought that the application includes some settings to prevent this happen. However, we are afraid that there is no way to leave a group without the other users knowing about it. So, does it mean that there are no alternatives? No.
  • How to disable autocorrect in WhatsApp
    Surely it has happened to you: you write a sentence that includes a somewhat strange word and before sending, WhatsApp replaces it with another that has nothing to do with what you really want to send. The autocorrect feature can be tricky when you share messages via WhatsApp. If you want to avoid this problem, you can deactivate it. How?
  • How to know who has seen my WhatsApp status
    WhatsApp statuses are a great way to share photos, text, and videos with all your contacts. You are likely using this feature every day to send ephemeral content that disappears after 24 hours. Want to know who is viewing your statuses on WhatsApp? Stay tuned to this guide, because we will tell you all about it.
  • How to view WhatsApp statuses without letting people know
    Viewing other users' WhatsApp statuses anonymously is easier than you think. All you need to do is make some minor adjustments to the privacy settings of your account.
  • How to play Steam games on mobile with Steam Link
    Playing your Steam games on your mobile device is an excellent alternative if you are going to be away from your PC and want to continue enjoying your favorite titles. In fact, there are several advantages for those who follow this path. It is important to know that all the weight of the performance will fall on your computer since, on your cellphone, you will simply be doing a sort of "retransmission" of what is happening on it. And to enjoy this function, you will only need:
  • Where are Minecraft games and worlds saved on Android?
    If you need to find your saved Minecraft games and worlds on your Android mobile device to safely extract and save them or transfer them to another device, you can follow the steps below to find the data with ease. This guide applies to Android only, as on PC or other devices they are stored in a different location.
  • How to log in and play on a Minecraft PE server
    Minecraft has been around for many years now, and many of its mechanics have been simplified to enable any type of player, regardless of their level, to enjoy the game. In the past, something like logging in and playing on servers was very hard to do, but nowadays, it is quite simple. Even so, here, we explain it step by step so that there is no doubt about it.
  • How to make a saddle in Minecraft
    There are different types of animals in Minecraft that you can tame to have as pets, to help you in combat, or to ride them to move faster and travel long distances. To achieve the latter, you will need a saddle, and here, we will tell you all the available methods to get it, since it cannot be craftable.
  • Composter in Minecraft: what is it, how does it work, and how to craft it
    In Minecraft, there are a large number of interesting items and tools to discover while you explore and go on a great adventure. As part of our game guide, we tell you the details of the Composter, a special block with a useful function to get the bone dust material.
  • Minecraft foxes: where they are, and how to tame them
    There are lots of animals waiting to be discovered in Minecraft. Each one of them feeds on something different, so you will have to find out if you want to tame them and stop them from attacking you or if you want them to become your pets and help you in combat. This time, we focus on foxes and we will tell you everything you need to know about them.
  • Minecraft grindstone: what it is used for and how to craft it
    Minecraft offers a wide variety of adventures, and as Mojang has released more and more updates, the available options have increased even more. Now, we will tell you all about the grindstone so you can build it and understand what it is used for in the game.
  • Trident in Minecraft: how to get it and best enchantments
    In Minecraft, you can find several weapons and tools. One of them is the Trident, rarer than the typical sword but very useful for melee or ranged attacks and especially strong when enchanted. It also lets you move more easily in the water, something very useful due to the mobility difficulties that water surfaces generally entail. Below, we explain in detail how you can get the Trident and the best enchantments you can put on it.
  • How to find villages in Minecraft for Android
    The infinite worlds generated in Minecraft can be a bit overwhelming for newcomer players. Despite eleven years have passed since its release, Mojang's work continues to receive new players nowadays. Whether this is your case or if you are already a regular in Minecraft but you have doubts about how to find villages in a simple way to avoid wandering through the different biomes with the only company of enemies and various dangers, here, we tell you the most effective methods to achieve it.
  • Villagers in Minecraft: types, professions, and exchanges
    Minecraft villagers are peaceful characters that you can find in the villages you visit in the game. You can trade with them to get different materials and items of interest, so here, we tell you everything you need to know about these villagers, how to find out what profession they have, what trades you can make with them, and much more.
  • The 10 best maps to play in Minecraft PE
    Eleven years after the release of its original version, Minecraft still provides new features and new ways to showcase the creativity and possibilities for players. If you run out of ideas to build your own world, you will always have the option to visit other worlds created by other players. Some of these maps are really amazing and involve games or big constructions that will make you think that you are not playing the same game as them. So, to satisfy your desire to travel virtually and discover new worlds, here are 10 of the best maps to play in Minecraft (Pocket Edition for mobiles) currently available.
  • How to encrypt WhatsApp backups
    WhatsApp conversations had always had end-to-end encryption, but this is not true for backups.
  • The 10 most important Minecraft mobs
    Minecraft does not have a detailed plot, but it is up to each player to create their own narratives by exploring the virtual cubic world, interacting with the characters that inhabit it, and even playing with their friends. Creatures or mobs that can be found in Minecraft are varied, some of them are peaceful and others are enemies, so here, we will tell you what the main ones are, what their function is, and how they appear in the game.
  • How to make a blast furnace in Minecraft for Android
    In addition to the work table, the furnace is one of those key blocks in Minecraft that must not be missing in your inventory. The furnaces are used to melt metals and cook food, among other functions, so you can build them from scratch and with only eight stone blocks. Below, you will find the recipe, as well as an in-depth description of the Blast Furnace, a type of block that was added in version 1.14 and that has the ability to melt twice as fast as a normal furnace (although this also means that it consumes twice as much charcoal).
  • Minecraft axolotls: where they are and how to tame them
    Minecraft has been around for over ten years, but new features keep coming to Minecraft in the form of content updates, patches to fix certain details, and so on. Last summer 2021, version 1.17 was released on all platforms where the game is available, bringing several new settings, blocks, and creatures, including goats and axolotls. Here, we focus on finding these axolotls, as well as telling you the way to tame them so that you can keep these colorful and endearing aquatic creatures as pets.
  • Lapis Lazuli Minecraft: what it is used for and how to get it
    In Minecraft, many different materials have an infinite number of uses. One of them is lapis lazuli, a stunning material mainly because of its color. Do you know what it is for and how you can get it? Keep reading, and let us explain it to you.
  • How to craft a piston in Minecraft for Android
    The cubic world of Minecraft is virtually infinite and offers us as players endless possibilities to develop our imagination and create anything we want.
  • How to get iron in Minecraft and what to craft
    Iron is one of the most valuable materials in Minecraft. To get it in survival mode, follow our steps. In the creative mode, there is no problem because you already have iron in your inventory. Even so, if you want to find it on the map, you will be able to do so.
  • How to download and install Play Store on any Android phone
    The Play Store Play Store is the main Android application store. A large part of the developments released for the Google operating system are distributed using its platform. Therefore, in case you do not have it, it is logical that you are interested in knowing how to download and install it on your device.
  • How to create animated stickers for WhatsApp
    WhatsApp stickers are one of the best ways to express emotions and feelings through chat. Of course, these graphic elements are much more eye-catching and attractive if they are animated. Is it possible to generate fully customized stickers of this type? Yes, and in a very simple way.
  • How to share a story from someone else's Instagram
    Instagram stories have proven to be a successful content format. In them, you will find videos, photos, and graphic creations of all kinds. So, it is logical to wonder if there is a way to share stories with another person. In this article, we answer that question.
  • How to create a new location on Instagram
    Creating new locations on Instagram is not possible from its official app. The reason is that this social network uses the Facebook location database. So, if you want to add a custom location, all you have to do is install its application and log in with your account. To get a secure copy of the Facebook APK, tap on the link provided on this page.
  • How to view Instagram stories anonymously without being seen
    When viewing a profile's stories on Instagram, your name is added to the list of viewers for each slide. So, the user who uploaded the stories can know who has seen them.
  • How to listen to WhatsApp audios before sending
    Voice notes are one of the most used communication formats in WhatsApp. When it comes to explaining certain matters, the most comfortable thing to do is to tell them out loud while the telephone records everything we say. In this way, the listener understands more easily what we want to express.
  • How to recover your password in Windows 11
    Lost your Windows user password? In the following sections, we will tell you about all the methods available to you to recover your password.
  • How to remove the password to start Windows 11
    The user password in Windows is one of the most basic security elements of the system. However, in some cases, it may be appropriate to remove the password for your account. Do you want to know how to do it? Keep reading because, in this article, we will tell you all about it.
  • How to remove a user account from Windows 11
    Deleting your account in Windows 11 is very easy. You may consider deleting a user to delete all data associated with it. Or you may want to start from scratch without reinstalling the entire operating system. Whatever the reason you want to delete a user on your computer, here are the most effective methods.
  • How to disable updates in Windows 11
    Windows 11 updates provide system improvements in areas as varied as the interface, integrated applications, and other functions. However, they are also essential to keep the computer safe from possible external attacks. Updates are the means Microsoft uses to close security gaps. For this reason, Windows comes equipped with an automatic update system that downloads and prepares new versions for installation. Do you want to get rid of this tool? Do you find that your computer is running slow due to automated updates? In this article, we tell you how to deactivate them step by step.
  • How to take screenshots in Windows 11
    Screenshots are the ideal way to show anyone what is going on on your screen. As the saying goes, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. However, you may also want to extract the contents of your computer to save information or part of a web page. Whether you want to capture the screen for one reason or another, the following sections tell you how to do it with Windows 11 tools, third-party applications, and the web browser.
  • How to format a Windows 11 PC
    Formatting the computer can be the solution to many problems. For example, if you have upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11, you may be experiencing performance issues or frequent errors. Something similar happens if you have the habit of installing and uninstalling many programs. In that case, the best way to clean your computer completely is to reset it. There are two procedures to do so that you should know and we will talk about them in this guide.
  • How to enable and disable Play Protect in Google Play
    One thing that usually scares us a lot is that the security of our smartphones could be compromised by the presence of a virus. And one of the ways for malware to reach our mobile is through the installation of applications. To avoid this type of problem, Google launched Play Protect, a system that performs an analysis on our device to avoid possible problems that may arise.