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  • Opinions on Fortnite: advantages and disadvantages.
    Fortnite has become the trending game for months now thanks to its Battle Royale mode. Malavida's editors give their views on the popular online multiplayer:
  • What games are similar to Fortnite
    There are many games similar to Fortnite's Battle Royale mode, almost all of them came later, but Fortnite was not the first. Let's take a look at some of the most outstanding ones.
  • What is the best Fortnite Twitter
    There are a lot of accounts on Twitter dedicated to providing Fortnite information. Let's list some of the best ones.
  • How to use C4 in Fortnite
    First of all, to use the C4 explosives, we must collect them to have them in our inventory.
  • How to sell Fortnite skins for V-Bucks
    In Fortnite, it is not possible to sell skins in exchange for V-Bucks to other players. However, there is an option to get back the V-Bucks we have spent on skins, dances, backpacking accessories, and more. Since sometimes we make mistakes or regret a purchase, Epic Games has enabled a special option to recover our V-Bucks.
  • How to create private matches in Fortnite
    To create a private game in Fortnite, it is necessary to have special permissions that Epic Games offers to certain people, mostly influencers, that is, players with certain fame on the Internet, able to move several dozen people to join in the same game. In addition to influencers, this option is also active for professional players.
  • How to troll in Fortnite
    There are a multitude of ways to troll in Fortnite, especially if we play with friends. Let us tell you about several ways to play pranks in Fortnite.
  • How to land faster in Fortnite
    Landing fast in Fortnite is the first of the advantages we can get in a Battle Royale match. To achieve this, several circumstances must be considered, as we explain below.
  • How to dance in Fortnite
    To dance, we must touch an icon with a kind of emoji-style face. In case we are on the home platform, this will appear in the lower right corner.
  • What are the best Fortnite YouTube channels?
    Fortnite is one of the most popular video games on Internet video platforms such as YouTube. Below, you will find a list of some of the most interesting channels.
  • Who is the best Fortnite player in the world
    Although subjective, the one who currently holds the title of the best player in the world is Bugha, the 2019 Fortnite World Cup champion. It should be noted that in 2020 and 2021, this competition was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so even if the title of champion is held by the same player for three years, there will likely be some other player who surpasses Bugha in level.
  • What are the best loot zones in Fortnite?
    In our Fortnite games, it is very important to have good weapons, items, ammunition, and resources. To do so, we must know how to choose an area where we can find all this easily.
  • What Android devices is Fortnite available for
    To check if you can play Fortnite on your Android device, you must first install the Epic Games APP, which you can download with the button that we leave at the end of this article.
  • Where can I see my stats in Fortnite
    To check our stats in Fortnite, from the home platform, we must tap on the card-shaped icon.
  • What is Fortnite Save the World
    Fortnite Save The World is a game mode of Fortnite, it was the first to be released, on July 25, 2017. This mode differs from the other two (Creative and Battle Royale) both in its gameplay and in the fact that it must be purchased to play it.
  • What is Fortnite Battle Pass
    The Fortnite Battle Pass is an item that we can purchase each season in the Fortnite store for 950 V-Bucks. For hardcore players, it is a must-buy because, at a certain level, it is more beneficial to own it.
  • When was Fortnite for Android released?
    Fortnite has been available on Android since August 9, 2018, and although it was initially only playable on some Samsung devices, now it is available on smartphones and tablets of any brand.
  • How to play Fortnite for Android
    In this article, we tell you everything you need to know to start playing Fortnite: Battle Royale.
  • How Fortnite for Android works
    Fortnite is a multiplatform video game that offers cross-play between players on different devices. So, from our Android phone, we can play with other people who play Fortnite from PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, PC, and others. However, each version of Fortnite has its own specific features. Let's start with the Android ones.
  • What are V-Bucks in Fortnite?
    V-Bucks are the currency we use in Fortnite to buy all kinds of cosmetic items and purchase special packs and battle passes.
  • What are the best skins for Fortnite
    Claiming that this or another is the best Fortnite skin is highly subjective. For example, if a player really likes the Kratos costume, it may argue that it is the best because it is his favorite. And the player is right: to each his own. Therefore, from subjectivity, we analyze which are the best skins from different perspectives.
  • How to watch Fortnite games online?
    Fortnite features several ways to watch games of other players online. Let us tell you about them below.
  • Which is the best control system for Fortnite?
    On Android, Fortnite has only two forms of control: by tapping or with a controller. Between these two ways of playing, there is no doubt that the most comfortable, agile, and effective control is the controller, although there are very good players who can win using only touch controls.
  • Which are the best weapons in Fortnite?
    There is a classification by which we will know if a weapon is better or worse according to its rarity. The ranking, from best to worst, is as follows:
  • Which are the best Twitch streams to watch Fortnite games online
    Fortnite videos have millions of views worldwide and the cause and/or consequence of this also has to do with the hundreds of Twitch channels that every day stream the game. Here are some of the best Fortnite stream channels.
  • What are Fortnite emotes
    Emotes are movements and dances that we can use at any time in Fortnite. Below, we tell you all about them.
  • How much does Fortnite weigh?
    On our Android device, Fortnite currently weighs 6.6GB. Keep in mind that current smartphones have internal memories that are around 64-256GB, so although it can be a lot of space on our mobile, we can delete another APP or videos and images to install the Epic Games game. Even so, we recommend you to leave a good amount of gigabytes free just in case.
  • How much does Fortnite cost?
    Fortnite is a free game but under the free-to-play model. Therefore, playing Fortnite is free, but if we do not invest money, we will not be able to enjoy some of its options. We will now tell you what is free and what is not.
  • Fortnite is down: problems and solutions
    Fortnite servers sometimes experience crashes or connection issues with some players. Normally, in these cases, all we have to do is wait a while for the servers to reopen, and then, we can play again. If the game still does not work, then we must find a solution.
  • How to use the stink bomb in Fortnite?
    Once we have the stink bomb selected in our inventory, we just have to tap on the throw icon to throw it forward. In the game, we can preview the direction and point where the stink bomb will fall before being launched.
  • Is Fortnite addictive?
    The interpretation of Malavida is that Fortnite is not an addictive game, let us explain our position.
  • How to make Fortnite run faster
    Fortnite has several graphics settings to make the game run smoother and sharper. To access them from the home platform, click on the menu button.
  • How to download Whatsapp Statuses with and without apps
    There is no official way to download WhatsApp Status. However, it does not mean that it is an impossible task. In fact, it is quite easy to do so if you know the method or if you have the right application.
  • How to modify and increase the speed of WhatsApp audios
    WhatsApp officially lets you increase the speed of audios. This is an easy way to reduce the time spent listening to a voice message completely. How can you do it?
  • How to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp
    WhatsApp has some options for deleting messages. For example, any user has 60 minutes to delete a sent message and make it invisible to anyone else. The application also offers a temporary message feature that automatically deletes the history of a conversation after seven days. Is it possible to recover these messages? There is a way to do it and it is very simple.
  • What are Excel templates
    Microsoft Excel templates are pre-designed files that include various graphical elements, functions, patterns, or structures. With them, the user does not have to worry about the design, and can focus solely on entering content.
  • What is an Excel cell
    An Excel cell is nothing more than the intersection between a row and a column. The cells store the information of a reference, which can be of different types: text, numbers, monetary values, dates, functions, among others. The spreadsheet supports a multitude of references and operations. The cells are rectangular, although their size can be defined later by the user.
  • How many rows are there in Excel
    Excel has a total of 1,048,576 rows in each spreadsheet. This question, which we have all asked ourselves at one time or another, has a concrete answer in the form of a number. On the other hand, we cannot lose sight of the fact that Excel can withstand practically anything we throw at it, being our own machine the one that will mark the limits of how far we can go.
  • How to use Excel
    Microsoft Excel is one of the most complex applications included in the Office suite of the company. Because of this, it is really difficult to cover all its functions in a single article. Therefore, in this guide, we will focus on the most basic commands of the application, showing you how to use Excel from scratch.
  • How to make invoices in Excel
    Microsoft Excel is an excellent program for issuing invoices. However, designing an invoice template from scratch can be quite time-consuming, especially if you want the calculations to be done automatically. Then, the easiest way to create an invoice is to use one of the templates that the application includes by default.
  • How to convert PDF to Excel
    Microsoft Excel lets you convert data from a PDF file in a very simple way. By using the method described in this guide, you can import the contents of a document in a structured way without installing any additional software.
  • Excel Portable: can it be downloaded?
    We are sorry to inform you that, despite what you might find when running a quick Google search, there is no portable version of the spreadsheet software. If there is any, it is most likely to be made by a user on its own, so it has neither the approval of Microsoft nor official support from them. Either that or someone with bad intentions is trying to trick you into installing something on your PC that will bring them profit. We insist: no matter what you find in Google, these portable versions, in the vast majority of cases, are not legitimate.
  • Is Excel a database?
    Excel is not exactly a database Its main use is to work with spreadsheets, although it is true that these spreadsheets can be used to create databases that can be exported to programs specifically designed to deal with them. It can be another program of the Office suite such as Access, or even the equivalents of the LibreOffice and OpenOffice suites.
  • How many columns are there in Excel
    Although it is one of the most powerful tools included in the Office suite, Microsoft Excel also has some limitations. For example, it has a finite number of columns.
  • How to install Excel
    Microsoft Excel is one of the main office software tools. The wide range of functions it offers and its power to handle large amounts of data make it the undisputed leader when it comes to spreadsheets. If you want to get this software on your computer, let us explain the whole process of downloading and installing it.
  • What is a range in Excel?
    A range in Excel is nothing more than a set of adjacent cells that can be selected to perform the same operation on them. Because they are grouped, it is much easier to apply common formatting, sort items, or perform other spreadsheet tasks. Ranges are, in fact, the basis for many operations performed with the spreadsheet.
  • How to lock cells in Excel
    To lock one or more cells in Microsoft Excel, you must first select the cells you want to lock. Remember to use the CTRL key for non-adjacent cells:
  • What is Excel and what's it for
    Microsoft Excel is an application for creating and managing spreadsheets. Each workbook is stored in its own file, using the XLSX extension, and may include one or more sheets. In addition to its Windows version, it is currently available on macOS, Android, and iOS. In all cases, it is part of a package of office applications called Microsoft Office, which includes other tools such as Word or PowerPoint.
  • How to convert PDF to Excel: online or with offline applications
    There are several ways to convert a PDF file to Excel.
  • How to convert Excel to PDF online or with offline programs
    The easiest way to convert an Excel file into a PDF document is to use Microsoft Excel. The program lets you save or export your spreadsheets in PDF format, so it is very simple to do this conversion. And it can also be done from two options.