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  • How to unlink one, two, or more Instagram accounts
    Linking two or more Instagram accounts allows us to log in to any of them with the same credentials. This feature lets us switch between two or more profiles in the application without having to remember several passwords, something very useful when we have both a professional and a personal profile.
  • How to turn off age restriction on YouTube
    YouTube is a video platform with millions and millions of videos. Of course, there are also videos aimed at adults that are blocked by the restricted mode.
  • How to choose the most environmentally friendly route on Google Maps
    Did you know that Google Maps now tells you fuel consumption estimates on some routes depending on the engine in your vehicle? This will help us use less fuel, save money, and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • How to create your avatar on Instagram
    Instagram is determined to be more and more present in our lives. To achieve this, the app's developers provide us with new features with each update. One of the latest innovations of this social media is the option to create and customize avatars.
  • How to recover a blocked Badoo account
    Badoo, the famous dating app, has 330 million users worldwide. One of the secrets of its success is the security that its creators have always boasted about.
  • How to measure distances on Google Maps from your smartphone
    Google Maps is a handy map and GPS navigation app with millions of users worldwide. However, its features are not limited to giving us directions or displaying toll prices. Among other things, we can also use this app to measure the distance between two points on the map. Would you like to learn how to calculate distances on Google Maps from your smartphone?
  • All Netflix secret codes to access hidden categories
    Netflix is one of the streaming platforms with the most international presence. One of its main attractions is its extensive catalog of content, which includes a large number of its own shows and movies. This amount of content can make us take a long time to find what we are looking for. Fortunately, that is what secret codes are for.
  • How to save routes in Google Maps
    Google Maps has become the application of choice for millions of users. Whether you are on foot, traveling by car, or on public transportation, Google Maps helps you get from point A to point B without getting lost and sometimes even helps you save fuel or time.
  • How to search and find someone in Badoo
    Badoo is a dating app with over 60 million active users from 190 countries around the world. Its vast amount of profiles is one of the main advantages of this flirting and dating social media, but it can turn into a problem if we are looking for someone in particular.
  • How to access Badoo without an account, without signing up, and without verifying your profile
    Creating an account on a dating app often means giving up some of our privacy. However, if we just want to browse the profiles of other users or enter without giving our personal data, Badoo lets us satisfy our curiosity while keeping our privacy intact.
  • How to check toll prices on Google Maps
    Google Maps has gradually become the Swiss Army Knife of travel. It not only tells you which route to take to reach your destination, but also shows you the most efficient one, the cheapest gas stations, or what other people think of the places you will visit. However, this time we will focus on tolls and how to find out how much they cost before making a trip.
  • How to log in to Badoo using Facebook
    Registering is one of the most boring tasks for new users who want to create an account in any online service. However, integrations with other platforms greatly simplify and accelerate this process.
  • How to know if someone has taken a screenshot of my Instagram posts
    We all wonder if someone has taken a screenshot of our Instagram stories, posts, or messages. However, we are usually left in doubt, since it is very difficult to detect when this happens.
  • How to pixelate and blur a photo on WhatsApp
    Meta's messaging platform is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its users. Among the improvements implemented for images, there is a feature for total or partial pixelation of photos, letting users censor them before sending them to another person without having to leave the chat. Would you like to know where it is and how to use it?
  • How to change the font in WhatsApp
    Changing the typography or font of a cellphone today is very simple. Most devices already come with several fonts installed as standard. But just because we see a font on our screen does not mean that the person we are communicating with through a chat will also see it.
  • How to add music to WhatsApp statuses
    WhatsApp is gradually introducing new features to make WhatsApp statuses more like Instagram stories. However, it is not yet possible to add music to our posts. At least not directly.
  • How to verify a WhatsApp account with flash calls
    The flash call method is a procedure to activate WhatsApp without a verification code that joins the two previously existing numbers based on the code received by SMS or voice call. It is so named because WhatsApp calls the number of the user and automatically ends the call, checking if it has been recorded in the last place in the call log: if it matches the number to call to give the 6-digit code, the account is automatically logged in. In other words, it is not even necessary to answer the call. Therefore, to use this method, WhatsApp asks for permission that gives it access to the above-mentioned registry.
  • How to move your WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone
    Until not long ago, one of the drawbacks for users switching from Android to iOS was how to migrate their WhatsApp conversations from one device to another. Initially, the function was limited to a number of devices or to those users who were part of the beta program, which gives access to new functions of the chat app that are not yet stable (some of them, in fact, never become final). However, it is now carried out with the Move to iOS app, which has finally reached all Android users.
  • How to restore a WhatsApp backup from Drive
    The WhatsApp backup stored in Google Drive lets us recover our account at any time, either after restarting the app, formatting the phone, or accessing it from a new device. With this copy, we will be able to keep chats, groups, data, photos, videos, and other documents safe.
  • How to configure WhatsApp for the elderly
    More and more elderly people are encouraged to use new technologies to keep in touch with their loved ones. However, mobile applications are not always as intuitive as developers believe. And things get more complicated if the user is not a digital native.
  • How to react to WhatsApp messages with any emoji
    WhatsApp added a feature that we have seen in other social networks such as Facebook to its messages, we are talking about the possibility of reacting with emojis to messages. Initially, it was limited to only six emojis, but recently, the company started to test it with any emoji, and now, it is available for all users, so we are going to show you how to do it.
  • How to make a complaint on Wallapop
    When using Wallapop as an application for buying and selling products, you will likely have some kind of problem such as receiving something after buying it that does not quite meet your expectations or that arrives in poor condition, among other cases. It is not common for this to happen due to the filters applied by the app and the previous communication between buyer and seller, but if you have had any kind of problem and want to solve it, you have different alternatives.
  • Wallapop shipments: prices, how it works, and what you need to know
    Wallapop has a fantastic tool to make buying and selling products, but above all, sending and receiving them safely. And we want to talk about it here so that you do not have any doubts when using the app. If you are not 100% confident, this option may be of interest to you.
  • How to get free credits on Badoo without paying
    Although Badoo is a free app to meet people, you can access additional options by purchasing credits.
  • How to know at what time a WhatsApp message has been read
    It is possible to know at what time they have read a WhatsApp message or at what time they have listened to an audio. This information, the time of delivery or reading of a message, is associated with the message and can be easily displayed with a simple trick. This is information that can be relevant in many situations.
  • How to enable fingerprint protection in WhatsApp
    Nowadays, mobile devices such as phones are equipped with various security measures including fingerprint protection, a sensor that scans our fingerprints not only to unlock the phone but also to confirm many other actions where an extra layer of protection is required. WhatsApp is one of the apps that we can protect by fingerprint, just make a simple configuration so that only you, with your fingerprint, can access the contents of the app.
  • How to send a location via WhatsApp
    WhatsApp is a perfect tool for many things and not just for chatting. Among the many features offered by this application is the possibility of sending our location to a contact, so that they can easily find us or know where we are. To do so, you only have to resort to the tools integrated into any chat. Read on to learn step by step how to send your location to a contact and how to do it even in real-time so they can see where you are.
  • How to cancel a purchase on Wallapop
    Using Wallapop to buy and sell can be very interesting due to the wide catalog of products that we find, some of which can no longer be found in other stores or platforms. Even so, it is likely that after hitting the buy button you will regret it, for whatever reason such as having seen the same product cheaper elsewhere, and you will want to cancel the purchase. Although there is no direct and effective way in Wallapop to cancel an offer, you do have several alternative methods to do it, and here, we tell you about them.
  • How to make an offer and a counteroffer on Wallapop
    Using Wallapop to buy or sell second-hand products is easy as soon as you get used to it. Although it is an intuitive app where we find many tutorials to understand all the processes, here, we tell you how you can make an offer and a counteroffer to acquire any product in which you are interested, in addition to slightly lower the price or at least trying to negotiate with the seller.
  • How to save Spotify music to an SD card
    Spotify is one of the most popular music services today. We can safely say that it is an important part of the history of online music. Over time, its applications have been evolving and offering the user more and more options. In this guide, we focus on the ability to save songs to the SD card when using Spotify. How can you do it? Read on to find out.
  • How to change your profile picture in WhatsApp
    Changing the profile picture on WhatsApp is one of the easiest and fastest things we can do to customize our profile and make it more attractive and interesting. A photo of yourself will also help your contacts to identify you, but you can also put other types of photos or images, you have absolute freedom to choose the image you want.
  • Where is the WhatsApp backup in Google Drive
    One of WhatsApp's features is that it lets you create a backup of your chats in Google Drive to fall back on, for example, when you change your phone. That way, you can keep all the conversations you had on the new phone. When a WhatsApp backup is created, it is stored in a Google Drive folder that is not normally accessible to users, it is a hidden folder. Here, we will show you where the WhatsApp backup is on Google Drive and how you can get to it.
  • How to change the font size in WhatsApp for Android
    WhatsApp lets you configure different aspects of the app to your liking, including the font size or typography of the texts you find in the interface. If you have vision problems or if you simply want to see larger WhatsApp messages, you have come to the right place. Changing the font size is a matter of following a few simple and easy steps that will take you no more than a minute. In addition, we answer some questions that may arise such as whether this also serves to increase the size of the Android keyboard. We tell you all about it below.
  • How to find out who has visited my Facebook profile
    One of the most popular and widely used social networks in the world is Facebook (Meta). Although today there are many more options, millions of users still connect to this site every day to update their profiles, consult information and news, chat, or any other action. Something that may get you curious is discovering who is visiting your Facebook profile, so here we tell you all about it to learn an effective method to do so.
  • How to buy on Wallapop step by step
    Nowadays, you have many options available when looking for products that, for whatever reason, are not available for purchase in physical or online stores. Second-hand buying and selling websites such as Wallapop or Vinted let users earn money and spend it to buy what they are looking for. Starting to use one of these apps can be a bit complex, so here we explain how to buy step by step and safely on Wallapop.
  • How to open or play WhatsApp Opus files
    WhatsApp voice notes or audios are an excellent way to communicate with other users. Simply tap the record button and start talking. The steps to download and save WhatsApp audios are very simple. If you have ever done it from your cellphone, you will have noticed that the extension used by the application to store this content is OPUS. Given the above, you may be wondering how to open or play WhatsApp audio files on your cellphone. This is a guide that answers that question in several ways. Here are some of the most recommended methods to listen to an OPUS document on your Android phone.
  • Tinder reviews: is it reliable and does it work for flirting?
    Tinder has become one of the most popular dating apps worldwide in recent years. Yet there is something that is not mentioned as often as it should be. And it is whether it is really reliable. If our profile is safe and if it really is a good place to try to find love or just a person to hang out with. And the reality is that depending on who you ask the experiences may be very different.
  • How to activate WhatsApp without verification code
    WhatsApp requires a verification code every time you log in with an account on a smartphone. To get it, the company offers two methods to receive the key to access WhatsApp. However, many people are wondering if it is possible to access an account in this application without having to receive the verification code. Below, we will answer your questions and show you the options available to you to verify your identity when logging in to WhatsApp.
  • I cannot listen to WhatsApp voice messages: how to fix it
    WhatsApp voice notes are one of the most practical tools that the platform makes available to users when communicating with others, but they sometimes have issues and that is why we have created this tutorial to solve them.
  • How to add stickers to WhatsApp statuses
    This kind of Sticker refers to a digital image. In WhatsApp, they are used to express a wide range of diverse emotions.
  • How to contact Instagram
    Instagram is one of the most used social networks in our day-to-day life, and therefore, it is understandable that some problems or doubts of use arise from time to time. Blocking users who are harassing us, recovering an Instagram account that we have lost, or any other type of issue can be consulted directly to Instagram managers. Here, we tell you how you can contact them through several methods, as well as pointing out that it is likely to take a while to get back to you but this is understandable given the number of requests they receive daily.
  • How to add animated GIFs to Instagram stories
    Instagram is a social network that lets you share whatever you want with the rest of the world. On Instagram, you can upload videos and photos, and you can even upload pictures without losing quality, as, over the years, the platform has received numerous updates to add new features. One of the features that have been implemented for some time now is the ability to add animated GIFs to temporary stories and here we tell you, step by step, how you can use them in your own content.
  • How to split the screen in two in Windows 11
    There are several ways to split the Windows 11 screen to increase productivity and run two applications at the same time. Read on to discover all the options available to you and how you can get more out of this feature, we will tell you how to create a double screen with windows facing each other and thus have a screen divided in two.
  • Instagram Reels: what they are and how they are made
    The emergence of successful apps such as TikTok has caused others with similar functions focused on videos and photos to step up their game to keep up with the new trends. That is why Reels was born, a section where we can watch or upload our own Instagram videos of varied themes and short duration. Here is everything you need to know about it.
  • How to install Windows 11 from a USB
    Windows 11 can be installed in several ways. For example, some people have upgraded directly from the previous version, keeping their files and programs. Others prefer a clean installation, only possible by creating a bootable USB. If you are more attracted to the latter method, we recommend you to stay with us. Here, we give you all the details about this process and tell you how to install Windows 11 from a USB drive. We also tell you the requirements you will need to meet. So let's get down to work.
  • How to defragment the hard disk in Windows 11
    Many people say "my computer is slow" and others reply "try defragmenting the hard disk". This process has historically been one of the best ways to improve the performance of a computer and increase the speed of reading or writing to the hard disk. However, times have changed, and today it is not so necessary. So when should you defragment your hard disk in Windows 11? Is it better to use the built-in tool or a third-party one? Is it really necessary to perform this process in your case? All these questions will be answered in the following guide.
  • How to recover deleted files in Windows 11
    If you have mistakenly deleted a document, you are probably wondering how to recover deleted files in Windows 11. In this guide, you will find all the methods available to you to achieve it. Let's get started!
  • How to update WhatsApp to the latest version on Android
    To update WhatsApp, there are two different options, one using our own website, Malavida, and a second one using Google Play.
  • How to boot into safe mode in Windows 11
    Although it is not common, Windows 11 may crash when trying to boot the system. To solve this problem, Microsoft has added a safe mode to its operating system. However, you may be wondering exactly what it is and how it can help you fix boot errors on your PC. Keep reading this guide to discover all the answers to your questions about this system tool. In addition, we tell you how to turn on your computer in safe mode in Windows 11 step by step.
  • How to delete all Facebook posts
    Being a long-standing social network, it is more than likely that you will want to get rid of some of your old Facebook posts or delete them all in one click. F