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  • System requirements for Minecraft for PC
    To play the latest version of Minecraft, your computer must meet several minimum hardware and software requirements. If your device does not comply with them, you will not be able to play.
  • What Java version do I need to play Minecraft
    To play Minecraft from version 1.12 on a Windows computer, Java 8 is required. The software can be downloaded from our website, although in practice, you will not need it either. When installing the latest available version of Minecraft, if you do not have Java installed, it will be installed automatically as the installer has its own version of the software, so you do not have to worry about anything else. Obviously, older versions of Minecraft also require older versions of Java. If this is your case, you should check what is your exact version of the game and look for the minimum Java version required to play. Older versions of the game should work without major problems with any Java version higher than 5. But there is no official support, and therefore, we cannot assure its correct execution.
  • How to apply a skin in Minecraft
    To apply any skin in Minecraft for PC, open the launcher or the game launcher, which is the initial window that serves as a welcome screen and space for settings, updates, and so on. Once there, look for the Skins tab in the menu at the top.
  • How much does Minecraft for PC cost
    Minecraft offers two versions for Windows. The Java Edition version can be purchased from Mojang's website and costs $26,95. Also, a Windows 10 version is available for $29.99 through the Microsoft Store.
  • How to play Minecraft on your PC
    Minecraft is a popular video game characterized by its pixelated graphics. To play on PC, the first thing you will need to do is download and install the game. It is a paid game, but there is a trial version that you can use for 5 days of play, about 100 minutes. You can download that demo version at the end of this guide. A double click on the file will start the installation process. However, before doing anything, check that your computer meets the minimum requirements needed to run the game, otherwise, you will not be able to play, and make sure you have an Internet connection, since the installer needs to download new files during the process.
  • What is LDPlayer and what’s it for
    To put it simply, LDPlayer is an Android emulator for Windows focused on video games and aimed at players. It is true that from it you can launch any type of Android application, but it is designed with games in mind. And why? Quite simply: Android titles have a very important base of followers, who want to be able to run them on screens larger than those of a terminal, with peripherals that facilitate control and without having to be constantly looking at the percentage of battery remaining.
  • How to use LDPlayer and how it works
    To use LDPlayer you don't need to have previous experience of any kind, except for having handled an Android device at some point (which, we assume, you have done). The emulator works exactly like a phone or tablet with the green robot's operating system, so the basic interactions are more than covered.
  • How to install and uninstall LDPlayer
    Below we will show you how you can install and uninstall this Android emulator on your PC.
  • How to update LDPlayer
    You can update LDPlayer in two different ways: through the program itself or manually through Malavida.
  • LDPlayer vs BlueStacks comparison: pros and cons
    LDPlayer and BlueStacks are two programs that share functionality and are therefore very similar. However, they are not exactly the same in everything, they have their differences. We take a look at them below.
  • How to map the keyboard in LDPlayer
    To map the keyboard in LDPlayer, first of all, we have to start the emulator and open any game:
  • How to switch from portrait mode to landscape mode in LDPlayer
    To switch from landscape to portrait mode in LDPlayer, what you need to do is as simple as clicking on a button. First, open the emulator. You will see that, by default, it opens in landscape mode:
  • How to install APKs on your PC with LDPlayer
    To install APKs on LDPlayer you have several methods at your disposal. The first one is well known to everyone: open the Play Store, search for what you are interested in and download it; exactly as you would do with your Android phone or tablet.
  • How to play PUBG Mobile on your PC with LDPlayer
    To play PUBG Mobile on PC with LDPlayer you have to, first of all, download the APK file from a trusted source, like ours. You can do that through the button we provide right here.
  • Signal or WhatsApp: comparison, differences, and which is better
    Signal is presented as a secure and private alternative to WhatsApp. But does the first one measure up to the second? Are privacy and security a drawback to being a full-featured messaging application? Throughout this analysis, we will discover how Signal and WhatsApp are similar and how they differ.
  • How to split a file with WinRAR
    WinRAR helps you group, and then, divide several files into different volumes. You can also use this method to split a single file. To start, select the documents you want to add to the RAR compressed folder and click Add.
  • How to reduce the size of a file using WinRAR
    One of the main functions of WinRAR is to compress files. This way, they can be shared or stored more easily. To reduce the size of one or more files, you must run WinRAR, and using the integrated browser, locate the files you want to compress. Select them, and then, click on Add.
  • How to compress files to the max using WinRAR
    Applying compression to any file with WinRAR is very easy. The first thing you must do is locate, using the integrated browser, the file or files you want to compress. Then, click Add to start the process.
  • How to make a copy of a CD using Nero
    Burning a CD with Nero is a very simple task. The first step you must take is to launch its main application, Nero Start. There, locate the Burn & Rip column and click on Nero Express.
  • How to rip audio with Nero
    Among its many functions, Nero lets you get the tracks from a music CD and convert them into digital audio files. As usual, Nero is in charge of simplifying the process and helps you carry it out in a few clicks. The first thing you have to do is choose the right tool. To do this, launch Nero Burning Rom.
  • How to create an ISO image with Nero
    Creating a disk image or an ISO file with Nero is very simple. Just open the Nero Burning ROM tool. It is located in the Rip & Burn column of the Nero Start application.
  • How to copy a DVD with Nero
    Copying two DVDs becomes a simple task if the right tool is used. Nero, a specialized software for handling physical media such as CDs or DVDs, lets you create exact copies quickly and easily. To start, you just need to access Nero Start, the main application of the suite. There, select the Nero Burning Rom option, located in the Burn & Rip column.
  • How to burn an ISO image using Nero
    An ISO file is an exact copy of the contents of a CD or DVD that can be stored on other media, such as external hard drives, memory sticks, or in the cloud. Often, ISO files, also called disk images, hold the files necessary for the installation of an operating system or other types of software. However, an ISO can contain any type of data.
  • How to install Nero
    The installation of Nero is done following the usual method. The first step you must take is to download its executable. Although you can get it from its official website, we recommend that you use the link below. This will let you download the latest version of Nero quickly and securely.
  • How to use Nero and how it works
    Nero is much more than just a burning application. Today, it has become a complete suite that lets you perform different tasks. If you have just installed it, you can use this article to learn more about how it works. Nero Start is its main application and contains carefully classified shortcuts so that you can find the right tool in each case.
  • Nero Portable: can it be downloaded?
    Nero does not have a portable version. Therefore, each of the utilities and tools included in this suite must be installed on your computer. Under no circumstances is it possible to run them from a USB stick.
  • What is Nero and what is it for?
    Nero is a suite of tools that lets you work with physical storage media, more specifically, CDs and DVDs. Nero was launched in 1997 by Nero AG. Its original name, Nero Burning ROM, is a play on words that refer to the burning of the city of Rome by Emperor Nero. At that time, Nero only had one application. However, nowadays, it is a complete Swiss Army Knife made up of various utilities, and for that reason, it is now simply called Nero. Although it is an application mostly used in Windows, it has a version for Linux. However, it is not possible to use Nero in MacOS.
  • Daemon Tools Portable: can it be downloaded?
    Today, the company in charge of the development of Daemon Tools does not offer any version of the famous tool in portable mode. There are 3 versions on its website: Lite, Ultra, and Pro, but they do not mention a portable version for us to take it wherever we want in our USB.
  • What are Daemon Tools and what they're for
    To keep things short, Daemon Tools is a software that creates virtual CD and DVD drives inside the hard disk, so that our PC can emulate these drives as physical CDs or DVDs. This explanation is simple, but in fact, it has a great variety of tools for the emulation of CDs and DVDs, each one more useful than the other, which makes it a very complete software for our computer.
  • How to use Daemon Tools and how it works
    The operation of the best virtual CD and DVD emulator is easier than it seems, despite the multitude of options it has. In Malavida, we explain how to use it.
  • How to mount an ISO image with Daemon Tools
    There are several options for mounting ISO images. Possibly, Daemon Tools offers the easiest way to mount an ISO image thanks to the good development made by the company Disc Soft. Next, we will show you the ways to do it.
  • How to install Daemon Tools
    The installation process of Daemon Tools is very simple and we will explain it below. First, we must download the EXE file that we will find in the download link at the end of this page. Once downloaded, the executable will automatically open and ask us to choose the license of use. We will select the one we are most interested in, free with advertising or paid with more options:
  • How to move your WhatsApp groups to Signal
    If you want to move your groups from WhatsApp to Signal, you can use the method we put forward here in this article. You should know that there is no automated way to move this information from one platform to another. Therefore, it is necessary to repeat this process with each group you want to migrate.
  • How to prevent the download of files from the Internet in Windows 10
    In Windows 10, there are several ways to prevent the download of files from the Internet. Each method will depend on the browser you usually use. Below, we show you the detailed process for each of the most common browsers.
  • How to hide Windows 10 windows with a keyboard shortcut
    Natively, Windows 10 lets you manage the windows on your desktop without touching the mouse. For that purpose, the Microsoft operating system includes some keyboard shortcuts that will help you resize any application, jump between windows, or minimize them quickly. In this article, we will focus on this last aspect.
  • How to change the default browser in Windows 10
    Windows 10 lets you easily change the browser default of the system. When you change this setting, all web links will open, by default, with the browser you specified, and not with Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. The first thing you must do is access the system configuration. Do this by opening the start menu and clicking on the cogwheel icon.
  • How to disable Windows Defender in Windows 10
    Windows 10 has a set of tools designed to protect the computer from possible external attacks. This security system can be disabled to install specific applications that have been cataloged as malicious or to improve the general performance of the computer.
  • How to switch the language in Windows 10
    Windows 10 lets you customize the system language and other components without too much hassle. This is possible even when the installation has been done in a different language. To change this setting, open the configuration application. You can do this from the home menu.
  • How to create disk partitions in Windows 10
    Among the administration utilities of Windows 10, we find the disk manager. This complete tool will help you manage your computer storage without many complications. In this article, we focus on creating partitions and explain how to create one to divide your hard disk into several drives.
  • How to change the image of a folder in Windows 10
    Changing the look of a folder can help you in some cases. For example, you can find out the contents of each directory at a glance. Also, when you are faced with a large number of elements, a custom image or icon will help you locate what you are looking for more effectively. Windows 10 lets you modify the thumbnail of a folder in two different ways. We explain them to you.
  • How to change a drive letter in Windows 10
    Windows identifies each connected drive and disk partition with a letter. This method also applies to CD and DVD players, external hard disks, and even pens and memory cards. Although the letter assigned depends on the criteria of the system and is given automatically, Windows lets you customize it. To do this you must use the control panel. To access it, open the Windows search and type control panel.
  • How to customize keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10
    Windows shortcuts let you perform quick actions without lifting your hands from the keyboard, and without using the mouse. Among the most common combinations are Control + C, which serves to copy text or images, Windows + R, which lets you execute a command, or Alt + F4, which closes the active application. All these shortcuts are predefined and cannot be changed. However, you can create additional combinations and assign them to specific actions.
  • How to disable image preview in Windows 10
    Windows 10 File Explorer can be customized with a multitude of options. One of them is the activation of thumbnails in graphic files. Although this function is very useful to know the content of each file quickly, it can seriously affect the performance of the system, especially when we open a folder full of images. To avoid this situation, you can ask the browser to show the icon of each file, instead of the preview.
  • How to fix the most common errors in Windows 10
    You can fix the most common errors in Windows 10 thanks to the disk error checking wizard. Accessing it is very easy. Simply open the file browser and go to This PC. Locate the drive or partition where the system is installed. With the right mouse button, open the context menu and click Properties.
  • How to change the default programs in Windows 10
    Changing default programs in Windows will improve the experience when you want to use third-party applications for some tasks. For example, you may want to use an alternative media player or mail manager other than the one that comes integrated with the system. Whatever your case, you can modify these values in the following way. Access the setup application, from the start menu, by clicking on the cogwheel icon.
  • How to recover files deleted by mistake in Windows 10
    To recover files that you have deleted by mistake, you must use a tool called Recuva. Before we start, we must warn you that this process is not 100% reliable and that some files may be lost forever. It is important that, after the unintentional deletion, you use your computer as little as possible. This will prevent other files from taking the place of the deleted documents.
  • How to defrag your hard drive in Windows 10
    Defragmentation lets you sort the contents of your hard drive, taking up space that has been left empty when you delete files. In this way, the unit is reorganized allowing faster reading speeds. To start the defragmentation tool in Windows 10, do the following.
  • The best keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10
    The keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 will help you manage the operating system faster, thus improving your productivity. Here is a compilation of the most common shortcuts that you should start using right now.
  • Windows 10 minimum requirements
    The list of minimum requirements for Windows 10 is as follows
  • How to make Cortana in Windows 10 search in Google with Firefox or Chrome
    Windows 10 uses Microsoft Bing and Microsoft Edge as its default search engine and browser when searching the Internet. This happens even when you have changed your default browser and use Google as your default search engine. However, you can modify this functionality relatively easily thanks to two tools developed by third parties.