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  • How to download Instagram videos from your mobile device
    First, there is no official way to download videos from Instagram. However, some tricks will help you save videos, stories, and live broadcasts from your own cell phone. Let us show you how to do it in this article.
  • How to know if you've been added to a close friends list on Instagram
    The Instagram close friends list is a way to send content, specifically our stories, to a particular group of people. Unfortunately, there is no specific option to know who is on the list of another user. Therefore, it is impossible to know whether or not we are part of the VIP list of another person.
  • How to add users to your close friends list on Instagram
    Instagram has long had a list of close friends to help us share our content with a small, targeted group of people. Thus, when we create a story, we can quickly and easily share it only with those closest to us or with whom we have a deeper relationship. Here, we explain in detail how to create and add new accounts to your best friend list.
  • How to create collections on Instagram
    Instagram is no longer a simple photo-sharing application. It has become, over the years, an immense library of content of all kinds. For example, we can find spectacular recipes, tips to improve our physique, outdoor activities, incredible places, and much more. This social network holds so much information that it can be overwhelming.
  • How to know who has unfollowed you on Instagram
    Are you losing followers and want to know who they are? Instagram notifies you every time someone starts following your account. However, it does not do the same for those who stop following you. Therefore, we can say that there is no official method to check which accounts are no longer interested in our profile. However, if this issue is too important for you, we offer some alternatives.
  • How to use WhatsApp Web: tricks and advantages from mobile and desktop
    WhatsApp Web is an online version of WhatsApp that works on any browser. It offers some additional features and possibilities to its users, in this guide, you will find out exactly which ones they are and how to use them.
  • How to turn on the incognito mode in Instagram
    All your Instagram activity is recorded. On the one hand, this serves to improve the content recommendations, further customize the ads, and improve the application's performance. All this information is stored and processed by Instagram and consequently by Facebook.
  • How long do Instagram Stories last?
    If you had to award one of Instagram's features the honor of being the most popular, what would it be? Undoubtedly, it would be its stories. This content stands out for being dynamic, far from the static content of other posts, and for being close to the audience. However, if anything defines Instagram's stories, it is the fact that they are ephemeral. Have you ever wondered how long it takes for a story to disappear? Let us reveal it to you in this article.
  • How to know who has seen your Instagram Stories
    Becoming an expert on Instagram stories is up to you. With more and more functions, this format has become a fundamental part of the social network of photography par excellence. One of the best ways to know if you are doing well in this field is to know your real audience. How can you check which accounts are displaying your stories? In this guide, we give you the answer and tell you, step by step, how to discover who has viewed your stories.
  • What are Instagram Stories and what are they for?
    Instagram stories are one of the many content formats that the social network lets you post. Instagram Stories is probably the most popular feature of the service and is part of the range of tools that let you reach your audience. It is interesting to note that they have their origin in Snapchat, a popular application of ephemeral messages. After the failed purchase attempt by Facebook, the company of Mark Zuckerberg copied the concept and integrated it into its social photography network under the name of Instagram Stories.
  • How to know if our Questions are answered on Instagram Stories
    Instagram stories are one of the most interactive elements in existence. Thanks to their many options, they have become an exceptional way to interact with other accounts. For example, it is possible to conduct surveys, add music, tag others, or even ask questions. As for this last function, we can affirm, without fear of being mistaken, that it is the ideal way to know the opinion of your followers.
  • How to add music to Instagram Stories
    Instagram stories are popular because of their dynamic, fresh, and natural content. Most users use them to tell anecdotes from their personal lives, to post texts, or even to promote products. Gradually, the developers of the official Instagram application have added new features to the stories. One of them is music. Do you want to put soundtracks to your stories? You have come to the right place. Read on to find out how.
  • How to block someone on Instagram
    No matter the reason, you may need to block another user on Instagram at some point. In this article, we will explain in detail all the steps you must take to do so.
  • How to download photos from Instagram
    Instagram does not offer its users a direct download of the content hosted on its servers. Because of this, it is necessary to use third-party applications to perform this action. Unfortunately, this type of application tends to disappear over time or change its name. So in this guide, we will show you how to download any Instagram image, including the ones you uploaded, with a simple Telegram-based trick.
  • How to repost Instagram Stories
    Stories have ended up becoming one of the most popular features of Instagram. One of the keys to their success is the content posted within them. This is usually more natural, improvised, and personal. As with photographs and videos, Instagram lets you include stories of others within your own. In this article, we explain in detail what the steps to do so are.
  • How to find out who has viewed your Instagram pictures
    There is no way to know who is viewing your Instagram photos. There is a lot of data that this social network does not offer to users, such as the list of accounts that viewed your content. However, you can know certain information about our posts that can be of great help to us in optimizing our profile.
  • What happens if I block someone on Instagram
    There are many reasons to block another person on Instagram. For example, if the user may take advantage of your posts to spam, make inappropriate comments about your content, or even engage in violent behavior. However, Instagram lets you apply serious restrictions to these types of users by blocking their accounts. But what are the effects of taking such action? Below, we specify the consequences.
  • How to repost on Instagram
    When we use the term repost, we speak of an action very similar to retweeting. On Instagram, reposting consists of posting the images of other users on our profile. That way, we can add personalized commentaries and our own tags. Unlike Twitter, Instagram does not let this process be carried out officially. Therefore, in the following article, we will make use of the Regrann application. You can download and install it using the link below.
  • How to delete an Instagram account
    If you have decided that you want to permanently delete your Instagram account, then this article is for you. Here, we will show you how to permanently delete your profile. Keep in mind, before continuing, that after this process, you will lose access to your data. Therefore, you will no longer be able to retrieve the comments, messages, and content you have uploaded. If despite this warning, you are still determined to delete your account, follow the steps below.
  • How to uninstall Cortana from Windows 10
    Voice assistants are already a part of our lives. Whether we use them from our phone, through a connected speaker, or on our smartwatch, the truth is that they are becoming more and more useful. However, even when there are tons of companies trying to get their piece of the pie, the voice assistants that stand out from the rest are Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • How to remove your Google account with QuickShortcutMaker
    One of QuickShortcutMaker's most popular features is the ability to remove the Google account from a phone that has been locked. In this article, we explain how to carry out this simple process. Before starting, we must point out that you must have installed Google Account Manager in version 6.0.1. Once you have completed the installation, open QuickShortcutMaker, and search for Google Account Manager.
  • How to limit the mobile data usage in YouTube
    Streaming video is one of the most data-consuming activities. This is because a video file is usually heavy, even occupying several gigabytes. Also, for some years now, a very high percentage of the content uploaded to YouTube is featured in high definition. This increases the size of the file even more.
  • How to change the playback speed in YouTube
    The official YouTube application is loaded with small features that can be very useful for us. One of them is the speed selector. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to play a video in half the time. We can also double its duration by slowing it down.
  • How to change the content's country on YouTube
    YouTube has an excellent recommendation system that adjusts to our tastes and interests to show us more attractive content. One of the variables of this feature is location. The content shown on the home screen varies depending on where we are.
  • How to send a YouTube video through WhatsApp on Android
    Social networks and messaging applications let us share all kinds of content with our friends and family. WhatsApp, being one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, lets you send pictures, animations, stickers, contacts, and videos. It is also fully integrated with YouTube and lets you share and watch your videos directly from the conversations.
  • How to uninstall YouTube from Android
    YouTube is an application that comes pre-installed on all Android devices because it belongs to Google. Many of the applications that come by default on our device can be removed completely. However, YouTube is not one of them.
  • How to disable videos in the background in YouTube for Android
    Background playback is a feature present in some applications that prevents a video or song from stopping even after it is closed. In its free version, YouTube does not let you continue listening to a video after closing the application. However, by default, it does let you play it in the background within the application. This way, by sliding a video down or backward, the video continues to play at the bottom of the screen.
  • How to uninstall YouTube Vanced
    Although the installation of YouTube Vanced is slightly different from other applications, it is very easy to uninstall. This process is no different than usual and can be done in a few steps. However, do not forget that together with YouTube Vanced, you installed Vanced MicroG. In this guide, we show you how to uninstall both.
  • How to share Google Play purchases on Android
    Would you like to share your Google Play purchases with other family members? Now it is possible. Open the Google Play application, and sign up for the Google family plan. To do this, tap on the three stripes icon in the upper left corner.
  • How to delete your Facebook account forever
    To permanently delete your Facebook account, first of all, you must know that you cannot do it from the application, nor entering the web version of the social network in a conventional way. If you do it this way, the only thing you will get is to deactivate your account (which will make it invisible to other users) but it will not disappear, your information will still be there.
  • Are WhatsApp calls free?
    WhatsApp calls are free as long as they are made over a WiFi network, or as long as we do not use up the entire data plan we have contracted with our phone operator, although that data plan already has a cost. If we used up the amount of GB we had contracted, then we would have to pay for any extra data consumption.
  • How to use WhatsApp with a landline
    To get WhatsApp with a landline phone number, you need to download WhatsApp Business, the version of the app aimed at small businesses so they can easily keep in touch with their customers. This version (which is not the conventional one) is the one that lets us configure the fixed telephone number.
  • What happens when you block someone on WhatsApp
    When we block a contact in WhatsApp Messenger for Android, all these things happen:
  • Why is WhatsApp not working
    WhatsApp Messenger can stop working for several reasons. This may be due to problems with the service and its servers or problems with your connection or device. To verify that the strange behavior of WhatsApp is due to server problems, you will have to resort to external services such as DownDetector. As for the possible causes that may be due to your device, we can find the following:
  • How to mark a message as read without opening WhatsApp
    To mark a message as read without entering WhatsApp, there are two possible scenarios to work around. In the first one, the message comes in while you are holding your smartphone and the screen is on. At that time, a message received notification will appear at the top of the screen, which you can mark as read by tapping on Mark as read:
  • How to send WhatsApp messages without saving the contact
    To send a message through WhatsApp without adding the number as a contact, we have two options: through a WhatsApp API, and through an application.
  • How to download the information Facebook has stored about you
    To download a copy of the data that Facebook has about you, first open the app and tap the menu button:
  • How to add subtitles to a movie or video with VLC Media Player
    Subtitles are useful for watching movies or series in their original version. They are also necessary for people with hearing problems. VLC is one of the most versatile media players and, of course, it lets us add subtitles to any movie or series. Which format are the subtitle files in? To add subtitles to a movie or series with VLC, we must have an SRT file. It stores a timeline with the text blocks to be displayed on the screen. To get SRT subtitle files, you can download them from the Internet. It is also possible to create them by ourselves using an application such as notepad.
  • Where are WhatsApp conversations stored
    To access the conversations stored in our device, we will need a file manager, and on this occasion, we will use Google Files.
  • How to disable WhatsApp if your phone has been stolen or lost
    There are many ways you can disable WhatsApp from your mobile device. Let's see them below
  • How to build a house in Minecraft
    To build a house in Minecraft, you must first build tools to collect materials, and then, lay them out on the ground to make the construction itself. Building a house requires time and dedication, although if you are looking for a simple shelter, you have easier alternatives that we will see later. You should also bear in mind that creating a house has more to do with survival mode as you need to protect yourself from enemies, although you might also want to do it in creative mode for fun.
  • How to get coal in Minecraft
    In Minecraft, we can get coal in several different ways. Coal is the fourth most efficient fuel in the game for the oven, you will find it very useful.
  • How to get diamonds in Minecraft
    In survival mode, there are 2 ways to get diamonds in Minecraft: by locating diamond ores and mining those blocks with an iron pickaxe or a diamond pickaxe, or as a hidden reward in chests scattered around the stage. In the creative mode, the diamonds are available in your inventory.
  • How to teleport to another location in Minecraft
    In Minecraft, you can teleport to different locations. In order to do this, you will need your world to have cheats enabled, this detail is important. Go to the options menu by pressing the pause game button.
  • How to get redstone in Minecraft
    To obtain redstone or redstone dust (the mineral resulting from ore) there are several methods that we explain below:
  • How to make a portal in Minecraft
    In Minecraft, you can build different types of portals that teleport you to other places. Depending on what type of portal you want to build, the process varies, so we will review how to build each one of the different types of portals available in the game.
  • How to get emerald in Minecraft
    To get emerald in survival mode in Minecraft, there are several options. In the creative mode, it is a mineral that you have available directly in the inventory.
  • How to make infinite water in Minecraft
    Water is one of the most abundant natural resources in Minecraft, but that does not mean it is any less important, especially in survival mode. In fact, it is a basic element for carrying out certain actions and projects, such as watering crops, creating potions or watering farm animals. It is easy to find water, but if you do not want to have to move continuously to the river or the sea, you should create one of these infinite wells in your own house or den.
  • How to get gold in Minecraft
    To find gold in Minecraft Pocket Edition, there are a couple of different methods. Of course, in creative mode, gold is available in the inventory from the beginning, but in survival mode, you will have to look for more.
  • How to summon mobs and NPCs in Minecraft
    To summon enemies and other non-playable characters in Minecraft, you have to use the command window or the chat window, both are the same. To open it, while playing, look for the text bubble icon at the top of the interface and click on it, the same one used to open the chat.