Like many other social networks, Snapchat lets you use a different profile name and username. Although both data are visible to others, there is a clear difference between them. The first one is used to show your name to others and can match the name of other users without any problem. The second one, on the other hand, uniquely identifies your account, and because of this, cannot be the same as the one chosen by someone else.

Knowing this, you should know that Snapchat lets you modify both values from its Android app. From the main screen, tap on your account avatar in the upper left corner of the screen.

View your Snapchat profileView your Snapchat profile

Next, tap on the cogwheel that you will see at the top, above your Bitmoji. This button is used to access the advanced account settings.

Open all the profile’s settingsOpen all the profile’s settings

Once you have taken these steps, you will be in the right place to modify both your username and profile.

Change your Snapchat username

If you want to change the user name, tap on Username.

Change your Snapchat usernameChange your Snapchat username

Next, tap on Change Username to enable the upper text field. Otherwise, you will not be able to change your username.

Start changing your usernameStart changing your username

Type your new username in the text box. Save the changes with the lower button. Obviously, the new name you choose must not be in use by someone else.

Enter your new usernameEnter your new username

Enter your account password. This is an indispensable step to be able to modify the user name. If you do not remember it, you can reset it first and then continue with the process.

Enter your password for the appEnter your password for the app

The pop-up notice you will see on the screen informs you that the user name can only be changed once a year. Therefore, tap Continue only if you are really sure about the change you are going to make.

Confirm the change to the usernameConfirm the change to the username

Congratulations! Your account username has been changed. From now on, you will have to use the new identifier to log in to your Snapchat account.

Confirmation that the username has been modifiedConfirmation that the username has been modified

In case you do not remember it, use your e-mail address to enter your profile.

Change display name on Snapchat

Changing the display name is a simpler process. In this case, it is as easy as tapping on Name.

Modify the profile nameModify the profile name

Then, type the new profile name that you want everyone to see. Generally, the real name of the user or a nickname by which it is known is written here.

Enter the new profile nameEnter the new profile name

If you are done, tap on the Save button that you will see at the bottom of the screen.

Save the changes with the new nameSave the changes with the new name

Remember that you can change your profile name as many times as you wish.