Snapchat does not let its users upload profile pictures. Instead, they must use the Bitmojis generator to add a customized avatar to their account. So, the image that will represent you in the social network is not a real photo. How can you customize your Bitmoji on Snapchat as much as possible? Follow the steps we give you in this article to do it easily.

First, open the app options and tap on your Snapchat code.

Snapchat’s settingsSnapchat’s settings

In the list of options, select Create My Bitmoji.

Create a BitmojiCreate a Bitmoji

To generate a Bitmoji that looks like you, you need to use your device's front camera. In addition, you will have to specify your gender to the application to automatically generate a Bitmoji that looks like you.

Select your genderSelect your gender

Once it has scanned your face, Snapchat will let you select some predefined models. Use them to start editing your avatar. To reduce the number of modifications, it is recommended that you choose the one that most closely matches your current look.

Choose the most appropriate optionChoose the most appropriate option

Use the different categories at the bottom of the screen to change the appearance of your Bitmoji's face. When you have customized its appearance and you are happy with the result, select Save to go to the next step.

Customize the Bitmoji’s faceCustomize the Bitmoji’s face

Next, change your avatar's clothing. Choose the shirt, pants, and shoes. It is possible to add any other accessories if you wish. Again, select Save to confirm the changes.

Choose clothes for the BitmojiChoose clothes for the Bitmoji

If you tap again on your Snapchat code, a new profile picture will appear. From here, you can also apply modifications to your Bitmoji.

Check the changes in SnapcodeCheck the changes in Snapcode

From now on, every time you want to share your profile using the Snapchat code, your avatar will be included by default.