Each Snapchat user has a score. With it, the platform lets you know to what extent you are active in the social network. This information is displayed as My Score. It increases as you use the application and interact with other users of the service.

How does it work? Snapchat takes into account some factors to calculate what your score is. As mentioned above, it does so based on your Snapchat usage. When you view this information in your profile, at least two statistics are displayed. On the one hand, snaps sent, and on the other hand, snaps received. However, Snapchat is likely to include other variables in the equation such as the following:

  • How many friends you have on the platform.
  • How many stories have you seen and how many have you published.
  • The number of videos you have seen in the Discover section.

There may even be additional data that feed into the calculation of your score. In reality, it is not possible to determine how exactly it works and how it is calculated. Why? The company mentions textually that the score "is determined by a special super-secret equation that combines the number of Snaps you sent and received, the Stories you posted, and a couple of other factors."

Although it is not possible to determine the exact performance of the Snap Core, you can check this information at any time. It is available in your profile, under your Snapchat code.

Snap Core on your profileSnap Core on your profile

If you tap on it, some of the statistics we have discussed in this article will appear on the screen.

Score summaryScore summary

You can close the window that displays the details of your Snapchat score using the Close button you will see at the bottom. Check your score as many times as you want from your profile section.