Snapchat often displays emojis next to your contacts. This is a way to know how is the relationship you have through the application with certain friends and learn more about them. Below, you have a complete list with all the emojis and their meanings.

All Snapchat’s emojisAll Snapchat’s emojis
  1. Super BFF. You have maintained the relationship with the other user as best friends for two months in a row.
  2. BFF. You have been best friends with other people for two weeks in a row.
  3. Besties. Best friends. It appears when you send the most snaps to a user who does the same with you.
  4. BFs. It is displayed with the contacts with whom you send the most snaps.
  5. Mutual Besties. Your primary best friend is also your primary best friend.
  6. Mutual BFs. One of your best friends is also one of the best friends of the contact where this emoji appears.
  7. Snapstreak!This emoji means that you are on a roll with this user because you send snaps continuously.
  8. Snapstreak is ending. Your Snapstreak is going to end soon. The Snapstreak is maintained when a snap is sent to the other user in less than 24 hours.
  9. Birthday. It appears next to a name of a friend on the date indicated on Snapchat as its birthday.

Snapchat emojis can be customized. To do this, go to your profile and tap on the cogwheel in the upper right corner.

Open your profile settingsOpen your profile settings

Find the option Customize emojis.

Customize emojisCustomize emojis

In the list, tap on each category to modify its emoji.

List of emojisList of emojis

If you want to restore the default emojis, use the Reset to default button that you will see at the bottom of the categories list.