Role-playing Games for iPhone

Live all sorts of epic adventures and face up against important challenges full of magic and spells in the different RPGs you can download for iPhone

Garena RoV: Mobile MOBA English

Colorful online open-world RPG game

Final Fantasy VII 1.0.5 English

One of the best RPGs in gaming history

Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game 1.20.1 English

MOBA-type RPG game for iPhone with 5 vs 5 battles

Final Fantasy IX 1.4.9 English

The Final Fantasy saga classic now on iOS

EvoCreo 1.4.0 English
EvoCreo 1.4.0

The best Pokémon clone

Lineage 2 Revolution 1.04.16 English

The iPhone adaptation of the RPG Lineage II Revolution

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition English

The pocket version of Final Fantasy XV

DigimonLinks 2.3.1 English

Digimon Linkz for iPhone

Spirit Lords 1.0.2 English

A Diablo type game for iPhone

Party in my Dorm 1.73 English

Become the most popular guy at university

Outcast Odyssey 1.12.0 English

Manage to survive to the upcoming great war

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG English

Face up against Baal worshippers on your iPhone

Digimon Heroes! 1.0.52 English

The Digimon card game for iPhone

Brave Frontier 1.2.2 English

Addictive turn-based RPG

Tekken Card Tournament 3.4 English

A Tekken played with cards

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X 1.2.2 English

An adventure that explores different worlds

Mobius Final Fantasy 1.2.101 English

The first Final Fantasy developed for mobile devices

Endless Chaos Chaotic Age 1.10 English
Endless Chaos Chaotic Age 1.10

One of the best RPGs for iPhone

Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings 2.0.1 English

A MOBA with great graphics and intense combats

Fate/Grand Order 1.19.0 English

Save mankind from destruction in 2019

Monster Strike 12.2.0 English

Collect monsters and put them to fight in online battles

Lineage M 1.2.26 English
Lineage M 1.2.26

Globally successful MMORPG for your iPhone

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush English

One Piece arrives on iOS as a game

Pokémon Quest 1.0.3 English

The RPG with cubic Pokémons

Phantasy Star II English

Remastered version of Phantasy Star 2 for iPhone

Dungeon Hunter 4 1.9.2 English

Free Valenthia from the forces of evil

ZENONIA 4: Return of the Legend 1.1.3 English
ZENONIA 4: Return of the Legend 1.1.3

The legend is back to save the world

Demon Tribe 2.0.7 English

Stop the demon invasion

Angry Birds Epic 1.0.14 English

Angry Birds' RPG adventure game

Castle Age HD 1.314 English
Castle Age HD 1.314

A great role-playing game for your iPhone

Brave Furries 1.1 English

Fast-paced and fund puzzle game

Banner Saga 1.01 English

An RPG set in the Viking period

Battle Camp 1.2.5 English

A virtual monster world

MARVEL Future Fight 1.3.1 English

The role-playing game that includes all Marvel's characters

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land 2.11.2 English

Fight to survive the zombie attack

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 0.11.309129 English

Collect all Star Wars characters

Attack the Light 1.1.2 English

Enjoy the adventures of Steven Universe

The Elder Scrolls: Legends - Heroes of Skyrim 1.71.1 English

Card game based on Skyrim for iPhone

Fire Emblem Heroes 1.6.0 English

The official game of Nintendo's RPG

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed English

Dynasty Warriors game for iPhone