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Awazza is a mobile browsing accelerator capable of increasing your speed up to 90%. Access Awazza free of charge to improve your 3G connection speed

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Put a full stop to your slow 3G connections. Awazza is an interesting utility for anyone with a 3G mobile Internet contract. This web application manages to speed up your 3G connection between 40 and 90%. Make the most of your rate, reaching a dream mobile connection speed.

No more delays using 3G.

When using a 3G connection, apart from its technical limitations, you have to deal with slow servers that take ages for you to access a website or download a file. The key aspect of Awazza is the use of different HTTP proxy servers where the most visited webs by users are stored. As they are preloaded, the speed at which they are served to the user is increased considerably.

Features of Awazza

  • Compatible with Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Firefox OS...
  • Contents have priority over adverts.
  • Valid for any telephone company.
  • Save DNS resolutions, reduce parallel connections and optimise TCP connections.
  • Includes a control panel to adjust the consumption, the image compression level...
  • Developed by Telefónica I+D.

How Awazza works

How Awazza works is quite simple: access the web with your device and use the form to configure your own proxy server. You will receive customised instructions depending on your handset.

Access Awazza for free and make the most of a 3G connection up to 90% faster on your mobile device.

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