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Transform your Mac into a full DJ booth with DJ-1800, a virtual emulation of the Denon DN-1800F music player and mixer. Download DJ-1800 on your computer

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DJ-1800 is a faithful virtual emulation of the Denon DN-1800F, one of the DJ playing and mixing tables that has been used most over the years, and that had to have its own version now that it all comes down to the digital era, MP3 files and mixing on a computer.

  This software will transform the screen of your Mac in something similar to what you would see if you were working with a Denon DN-1800F. Of course, it includes direct access to the iTunes library to be able to quickly import your music.

  This virtual version makes the most of the power of computers to increase its functions even more, with the possibility to use customized CUE points, pitch shift, pitch blend and a lot more. Furthermore, it supports a vast amount of external devices to control the program and the use of plug-ins that improve and modify the sound.

  Logically, DJ-1800 supports several audio outputs (a main one and another for headphones, for example) so that we can feel like real DJs in our room or enjoy the direct mixes it will be an experience within the reach of everyone.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have QuickTime 7.3 or above. It works on Mac OS X 10.4.9. The application automatically closes down after 30 minutes.
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