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In Godus you'll become a god that guides the people of the world. Godus allows you to explore, build and apply your power to different civilizations


Let everyone adore you

April 24, 2024
8 / 10

In Godus you can become a god and create a new world to your own liking. Any piece of land is malleable and you'll be able to impose your will as you always wanted to.

You'll find out what it feels like to be a god.

Beautiful god simulator

If you like having control, with Godus you'll have a great time. You can explore unknown lands, find new civilizations and mold the terrain. But your responsibility isn't just creating and destroying at your will. In this god simulator, loads of tiny characters are waiting to adore or fear you. Guide them through their lives and inspire them to evolve as a society.

If you like sandbox games with endless possibilities, download Godus for Android.

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