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Mailinator allows you to create fake email account to avoid receiving SPAM in your personal account. Mailinator doesn't require any sort of registry

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Fed up of receiving SPAM in your email account each time you register as a user on a web service? The solution is called Mailinator, the tool with which you can create temporary email accounts and avoid providing your real email address.

Avoid receiving junk mail

Mailinator is the ideal solution for SPAM as it is a service that allows you to create a fake email address almost instantly. When you register on a service, you only have to input your Mailinator user name, even if you don't have one, and this account will be created on its servers at the precise moment an email is received. It doesn't require any sort of registry and allows you to check the contents of the account by accessing Mailinator.

You will no longer receive any SPAM from the sites which you register on.


  • Email service that generates fake user accounts automatically.
  • Possibility to check the mail received without registering on the site or by RSS.
  • No limit of use.
  • Read your mail in text mode, resend and delete emails.

How to use Mailinator

Using Mailinator is very simple. Whenever you are going to register on a site that requires an email address to use a service or start a download, input an address invented on Mailinator. For example, if you were to type in, all the mail sent by that service would end up in that account. You would then only have to go to Mailinator and insert the account name to access the inbox.

Use Mailinator as a temporary email address to avoid receiving junk mail in your personal email account.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Anyone who knows the address can access the content of the email account.
  • You can't receive attached files.
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