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Looking for a clone of Pokémon? Mystery Pets is a game in which you have to train pets to make them evolve and kick the hell out of your friends with them

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If you're a fan of Japanese-style games and cartoons, today we're going to introduce you to a clone of the famous Pokémon in which you can play with all the characters of the latter. But don't get too excited as you won't have to walk around the streets searching for virtual creatures with your iPhone until you get run over by a bus or fall into a ditch. With Mystery Pets you can play just as you like, sitting down with a beer in your hand and without moving around too much.

Collect monsters from 4 generations.

To start off, the app offers you several options to log in to the online game and save your progress. In fact, you can't play without an Internet connection. You can register with a new user, play as a guest or log in through Facebook. Then, after chatting to the game's character, you can learn how to play by choosing a Pokémon and fighting against another one. During this battle, the game will tell what and what you can't do and, obviously, how to do it. From there on, just advance through the adventure, improving your Pokémons to acquire more and better skills.

Once you reach a certain point of the game, you'll be able to fight against enemies from all over the world in real time. So, before you set out on an online adventure and receive a terrible hiding, get familiarized with the game and earn more creatures unique skills to get ready for the battles against real-life users.

Fight against players from all over the world.

What's the adventure all about?

In the adventure mode, you'll be able to capture monsters to make them gradually evolve fight after fight at your pet hotel. For such purpose, you can also unlock new cities. Thus, you'll manage to build a team of monsters that you can use in different combats. As usual in this kind game, you'll have to defeat final bosses on each level to get to the next stage.

All in all, it's a version of Pokémon that has nothing to do with Pokémon GO and the boom it caused due to its innovating gameplay. In this case, it's a more classic version with a tiny online section that allows you to share your skills and progress and muck around with users from all over the world.

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