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Schedule your publications on Facebook and Twitter with Postcron for free. Postcron allows you to program automatic publications at a certain time and date

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Do you need to publish updates on Facebook or Twitter at a certain moment? Postcron is a post scheduler for both social networks that allows you to automate the publication of your news.

Features of Postcron

  • Publish posts automatically at a certain time and date.
  • Compatible with multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Full integration with Google Chrome.

You only need to synchronize your accounts with Postcron and start scheduling your publications. Use the integrated calendar to establish the time and date with accuracy. Postcron is the perfect tool for social network users that need absolute control on the activity of their profiles.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The free version allows you to publish on a maximum of 5 accounts and to schedule up to 10 posts.
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