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Rokkr is an internet browser that supports URLs that can give access for the user to free multimedia content, such as live TV channels, series and movies

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On the Internet there are numerous resources to enjoy streaming audiovisual content completely free of charge, such as series, films or television channels that broadcast thanks to the IPTV protocol. Many of them are available through websites and URLs, and all you need to enjoy them is the appropriate application. This could be Rokkr.

A browser specialised in online multimedia content

This app, which has versions on other platforms such as Windows, iPhone and Android, offers the user the possibility of browsing repositories of films, series and television channels that can be enjoyed in streaming and completely for free. With an operation that brings it close to Kodi and its extensions, it allows you to enter a URL and play the content it has shared in an integrated way. In fact, it does not offer conventional browsing, only the reproduction of certain types of content in a similar way to an app for viewing channel lists in M3U format.

These are the main features we can find in this browser with media centre functions:

  • Simple and intuitive interface reduced to the minimum expression.
  • Free access to content offered by websites with multimedia resource catalogues.
  • Integrated playback.
  • Absence of advertising.

There is no doubt that this is an excellent option to watch TV for free on your Mac. Just Google the lists for Rokker and be amazed by the amount of content available.

Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
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