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Sendmail acts as a mail transport agent. Download Sendmail to your computer right now for free, one of the best known programs on Linux to transport emails

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Sendmail is an open source application that implements the transport of emails on UNIX systems. An important feature of this utility is that it allows the use of “alias”, that make is easier for the use to use alternative names (nicknames) and the creation of mail lists.

  To sum up, this program acts as a mail transport agent (MTA) carrying out two basic functions:
- Reception of the mail handed in by the mail user agent (MUA) (or email client).
- Handing the outbound mail to the corresponding mail transport agents

  In what regards to compatibility, Sendmail supports a wide range of mail transport protocols: SMPT, HylaFax, DECnet's maill11, UUCP, ESMPT, QuickPage,...

  An important consideration when it comes to using Sendmail is always to download the latest version and keeping it updated, because this will allow us to have the application with the latest security fixes.
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