When you use Snapchat chat, emojis are sometimes displayed next to the name of your contacts. You should know that each of them has a meaning. For example, some serve to indicate that two users are best friends. In the case of the flame emoji, it lets you know if you are on a streak. But what does it mean to be on a streak on Snapchat?

If the emoji you see on the cover of this article appears, it means that you and your friend have achieved a Snapstreak. This is possible when Snaps are shared via chat within 24 hours for more than three consecutive days. A number is also shown next to the flame emoji. It reveals the number of days you have been on a streak with that user. To understand it better, imagine that next to one of your friends has appeared the emoji mentioned above and a 7. That means that you have been on a 7-day streak during which you have sent Snaps every day with that user.

Given the above, you already know what exactly Snapstreak is and how it works. However, there is one important aspect of this function that we have not yet discussed: streaks expire. To warn that this is so, the flame emoji will be replaced by an hourglass. If you want to keep the streak going, you need to share a Snap in less than 24 hours. Here are some tips to achieve it:

  • Send a daily Snap. Choose a specific time of day and make it a routine.
  • Add a reminder to your calendar so you do not forget.
  • Send Snaps, not text messages. Remember that the streak is only maintained by sending images or videos.
  • Keep an eye out for emojis. If you see the hourglass appear, send content to keep the streak going.