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TapeDeck is a simple audio recorder for the Mac platform. Recover the functionality of your old analog recorder with the new options of TapeDeck for Mac

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You may remember the old analog recorders in cassette format. Now, with TapeDeck, you have a good substitute for those heavy tools. We are talking about an audio recording software application for the Mac platform that will surely call your attention due to its features and how it is used.

  To record audio you only need to use a button, as simple and effective like as it used to be. Once you stop the recording, the software will take care of saving the contents automatically. Furthermore, you can forget about the strange noise caused by cassettes: now it is possible to record with the maximum quality, something that will make it a lot easier to work with Garage Band or Logic afterwards, if that is what you are looking for.

  TapeDeck has an appealing interface. All the recordings are saved and stored in chronological order. Thus you can use the integrated search engine to find your recordings.

  Thanks to the QuickTime functions you can export the recording to different formats like WAV, AIFF and even MP3, even though you will need to use an additional QuickTime component to do so. Furthermore, you will be able to record your own voice and music using the software's inputs, thus avoiding having to use a DAW.

  With TapeDeck, Mac users have a functional tool available. Those people that spend their time composing music will find many options to be able to simplify the process of creating and making the most of their compositions. Recording audio on your Mac is possible thanks to TapeDeck.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires Mac OS X 10.8 or above. The trial version allows you to record 15 minutes at low quality, time that is reduced progressively each time the software is used until it is finally reduced to 5 minutes.
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