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Trello is a task manager on the cloud. Access Trello and organize your tasks and projects in an appropriate manner. Trello is great for collaborative work

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Trello is a task and project management tool on the cloud, that is really flexible and easy to use. The interface organizes each project as a board organised in columns, one for each task status: ideas, things to do, tasks completed...

In turn, these columns include cards with the information about each obligation. You can move the cards from one column to another depending on the changes made and the latest updates. Classify everything, from the most important things to the most insignificant details, and put some order in your life.

The easiest and fastest way to organize anything.

Features of Trello

  • Check, with a quick glance, the basic information on each card.
  • Add all sorts of detailed information to your cards.
  • Create a list for the verification of the completed tasks and view a progress bar.
  • Attach all sorts of files to illustrate your ideas.
  • Tag your cards and use the search functions.
  • Check the history of modifications.

Collaborative work

Collaborative work is one of Trello's strengths. Organize your work group's activity around the webapp to improve the communication between members, avoid unnecessary emails and have everyone together in the same place.

You can add as many users as you need. Furthermore, everyone can make changes, which will be shown in real-time on the platform. The notifications will let you know about any update. You can also assign tasks and cast votes when it comes to making decisions.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The application requires that you sign up.
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