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Access YOPmail whenever you need to make use of a temporary email address. YOPmail is a disposable, anonymous and totally free email to avoid SPAM

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If you have to register on a rather shady-looking webpage or if you want to prevent your usual inbox being filled with SPAM, you can resort to a temporary email account like YOPmail.

A false email address to avoid SPAM.

By accessing YOPmail.com you will able to receive emails in the "any-name-of-your-choice@yopmail.com" account, without any further complications. Just write down the name of the temporary email account chosen (only the part before @) in the corresponding box. And press "Check mail".

You will access an inbox from which you will be able to read the messages received in that account (both yours and belonging to other users that have also chosen that name). Once read, you have the possibility to delete the messages so as to not leave any traces behind. You can also send a copy to your personal email address.

Access YOPmail for free, one of the best disposable and anonymous email solutions.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The webapp shows adverts.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Two days ago

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