Online Communication Webapps

A wide range of web applications with which you can get in touch with your contacts via email, instant messaging, social networks, chat and voice

Gruveo English

Video calls for free from your browser

WhatsApp Web English

The version of WhatsApp for browsers

Messenger English

Facebook's independent messaging platform

PinClout English

How popular are you on Pinterest?

Pinterest English

Get to know people sharing photographs and videos

Twitpic English

Publish your photos and videos on Twitter

WebSapp 0.97a English
WebSapp 0.97a

Send WhatsApp messages from your PC to phones

Quora English

The social network that connects you to a source of knowledge

Mailjet English

Ensure the success of your advertising campaigns

Prison Inmates Online English

Share your sentence with other inmates

Twoople English

Create your chatroom on the web with a customized URL

Trolldor Beta English
Trolldor Beta

Detect trolls on Twitter

Leak English

Send anonymous emails

picdeck English

Monitor your favorite contents on Instagram

TweetDeleter English

Delete tweets in only a few clicks

Skype for Web English

Web version of Microsoft's messaging application

Wassame Beta English
Wassame Beta

Send anonymous WhatsApps from the web

GrabInbox English

Manage Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts English

Send your confidential information in a secure manner

Beepmunk English

Share your music and find out what you everyone else thinks about it

TwooglePlus Beta English

Share your Twitter activity via Google+

Pinspire English

Find and share inspiring images

Facebook English

Take part in the world's largest social network

Via.Me English

Share what you like and leave it to become popular

YippieMove English

Migrate the contents of your email accounts

Tuenti Beta English
Tuenti Beta

A Spanish social network for youngsters

Twitter English

A world of information in 140 characters

LinkedIn 4.1.142 English

Take part in the social network for professionals

Badoo English

It's time to make new friends

Orkut English

Social network to keep in touch with friends and meet new people

ILoveIM English

Control all your messaging programs from a single place

LiveGO English

Centralize all your communications

Fotolog English

Social network focused on photography

TwiPho English

Search for photographs and videos published on Twitter

ManageFlitter English

Manage all your Twitter contact lists

Tagged English

Meet millions of people on this social network

Evaphone English

Phone abroad for free

eBuddy English

Chat with your contacts online

Hotmail English

Microsoft's email service English

The new webmail by Microsoft