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How to use OpenOffice

With OpenOffice, the user only has to open the suite and choose from the main menu the tool he wishes to use amongst those installed on his computer. It doesn’t work exactly like Microsoft Office where we can access each tool as a standalone by means of a shortcut.

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Is OpenOffice safe?

According to different studies and investigations, such as those carried out by security experts from Carnegie Mellon, there are fewer vulnerabilities in OpenOffice than in Microsoft Office. That’s not an opinion but a fact. However, we cannot say for sure that OpenOffice is totally safe. Basically because there’s no such thing as software 100% safe without any kind of security flaw that may be detected and exploited by hackers.

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What is OpenOffice Draw

It’s the program included within the office suite Apache OpenOffice that can be used to create and edit vectorial graphics and diagrams. It’s an open-source tool that can be distributed freely and that’s comparable to Microsoft Visio, available in the Office suite developed by the guys at Redmond.

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