File Archivers for Windows

No compressed files will be able to offer any resistance thanks to these file archivers capable of opening and extracting files zipped in any known format

WinRAR 64 bits 5.50 English

WinRAR 64 bits 5.50

File compression and extraction tool

Download WinRAR 64 bits
WinRAR 32 bits 5.50 English

WinRAR 32 bits 5.50

Zip and unzip files in Windows

Download WinRAR 32 bits
7Zip 16.04 English

7Zip 16.04

Free tool for the compression and extraction of files

Download 7Zip
WinZip 22 English

WinZip 22

The most complete compression tool

Download WinZip
KGB Archiver English

KGB Archiver

The most efficient compressor around

Download KGB Archiver
mZIP English


Open and extract zipped files

Download mZIP
gzip 1.3.12 English

gzip 1.3.12

Free compressor that has been ported from Linux

Download gzip
AutoWinRarZip English


Automatically extract the files that you download

Download AutoWinRarZip
8 Zip Lite 07.05.2017 English

8 Zip Lite 07.05.2017

Compressor compatible with several formats

Download 8 Zip Lite
HaoZip 3.0 English

HaoZip 3.0

Compression software with additional tools

Download HaoZip
jZip English


Compression tool compatible with the most wide-spread formats

Download jZip
FreeArc 0.666 English

FreeArc 0.666

Compress your files very easily

Download FreeArc
WinZip Command Line Support Add-On 3.2 English

WinZip Command Line Support Add-On 3.2

Use WinZip from the command line

Download WinZip Command Line Support
WinZip Self-Extractor 4.0.12218 English

WinZip Self-Extractor 4.0.12218

Create your own customized self-extracting files

Download WinZip Self-Extractor
WinAce 2.69 English

WinAce 2.69

The best compression application for ACE files

Download WinAce
ALZip 8.51 English

ALZip 8.51

Nice multipurpose decompressor for free

Download ALZip
PicoZIP Recovery Tool 1.02 English

PicoZIP Recovery Tool 1.02

Recover the passwords of your ZIP files

Download PicoZIP Recovery Tool
Hamster Free ZIP Archiver English

Hamster Free ZIP Archiver

Quickly compress and extract your files

Download Hamster Free ZIP Archiver
UPX 3.91w English

UPX 3.91w

Compress your executable files

Download UPX
PeaZip 6.5.0 English

PeaZip 6.5.0

Free compressor compatible with almost all formats

Download PeaZip
ZipGenius Suite English

ZipGenius Suite

All the necessary tools to create, open and administer compressed files

Download ZipGenius
ZipCentral 4.01 English

ZipCentral 4.01

Simple free tool to manage ZIP compressed files

Download ZipCentral
Free Compressor English

Free Compressor

Reduce the size of your files to be able to share them

Download Free Compressor
WeZip Easy English

WeZip Easy

Light ZIP file compressor

Download WeZip Easy
DataNumen RAR Repair 2.1 English

DataNumen RAR Repair 2.1

Repair RAR and SFX files

Download DataNumen RAR Repair
RAR Opener English

RAR Opener

Open compressed files with a single click

Download RAR Opener
B1 Archiver 1.7.120 English

B1 Archiver 1.7.120

Easy-to-use compression tool

Download B1 Archiver
RAR Password Unlocker 5.0 English

RAR Password Unlocker 5.0

Recover the lost passwords for your RAR files

Download RAR Password Unlocker
WinZip Universal English

WinZip Universal

One of the best compression tools

Download WinZip Universal
PowerArchiver 2016 16.10.11 English

PowerArchiver 2016 16.10.11

One of the most powerful multiformat compressors

Download PowerArchiver
IZArc 4.1.9 English

IZArc 4.1.9

Complete free application for the compression of files

Download IZArc
FreeExtractor 1.44 English

FreeExtractor 1.44

The simplest way to create self-extracting ZIP files

Download FreeExtractor
TUGZip 3.5.0 English

TUGZip 3.5.0

Free file decompression program with hundreds of options

Download TUGZip
Quick Zip 5.1 English

Quick Zip 5.1

Compress and expand all sorts of files

Download Quick Zip
IZArc2Go 4.1.9 English

IZArc2Go 4.1.9

Practical and portable file decompressor

Download IZArc2Go
StuffIt Standard 2010 English

StuffIt Standard 2010

A high quality file compressor

Download StuffIt
FILEminimizer Office 7.0 English

FILEminimizer Office 7.0

Reduce the size of your Office files up to 98%

Download FILEminimizer Office
RarMonkey 1.5 English

RarMonkey 1.5

Quick and easy RAR file expander

Download RarMonkey
UltimateZip English


Powerful tool to decompress any sort of file

Download UltimateZip
Flash Optimizer English

Flash Optimizer

Optimize the size of your Flash files

Download Flash Optimizer