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Write your texts in a minimalistic editor like 5iler. By downloading 5iler free for Mac you'll be able to instantly write down anything that springs to mind

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Writing a text can be easy or complicated depending on how you feel that day. Even simple text editing requires both inspiration and concentration. 5iler is a minimalistic editor that helps you to write.

5iler follows your brain's pace.

How can a text editor adapt to your needs? Creative works don't follow any fixed rules, inspiration comes and goes. With 5iler it's easy to organize the ideas that come to your mind. You have 5 thematic columns where you can write instantly. Forget about formatting the text, just write without further delay.

5 columns to organize your thoughts

  • Ideas. Column for the ideas that you come up with and that you'll develop later on.
  • Random. Column for random thoughts. You don't know if you're going to use them in the future, but at least you've written them down.
  • Today. The column for today's work.
  • Learn. Where you can write down things that you want to study in depth and learn about in the future. You can also gather information you find about a certain topic.
  • Private. For your private notes.

Want to change the name of each column? Do it and organize the information however you want.

One of 5iler's most noteworthy aspects is the possibility to configure keyboard shortcuts and synchronize your notes with Dropbox.

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