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Chrome OS is a Linux distro developed unofficially with the appearance of Google. Download Chrome OS, an adapted version of OpenSUSE, on your computer

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It looks as if even developers are desperate to know what awaits us in the future operating system developed by Google, because it has reached a point where a group of independent programmers has created a version of what this future platform should allegedly be like.

  Chrome OS has nothing to do with any official distribution by Google, in reality it's a customized version of OpenSUSE, where the desktop environment has been customized to give it a look that is very similar to that of the Google Chrome browser and to provide it with a series of applications as well as the latest version of the browser developed by the Internet giant.

  Among the applications included in the system we can find Google Chrome and LibreOffice as well as the GNOME desktop environment and the Flash Player plug-in.

  Keeping in mind the general idea of what the future OS by Google will be like, this distribution is as light as possible, so that it can be used with netbooks and other mobile devices, as well as personal computers and laptops.

  Download Chrome OS as soon as possible and discover what a group of independent developers think that one of the operating systems of the future will look like.
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