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Dragon Professional Individual allows you to transcribe from voice to text with a high customization level being able to apply a format to your documents

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In terms of speech-to-text software, Dragon Professional Individual is probably the best computer-based dictation program around. Developed by an important company in this sector as is the case of Nuance, it's one of the best solutions in terms of productivity on both Windows PC and Mac OS X.

This software allows the user to dictate and transcribe in a fast manner in with a high customization level. Its functions allow us to create, modify, and apply formats to documents by means of our voice in a quick and accurate manner.

But, what can Dragon Professional be used for?

Basically, you can use it to simplify and speed up your documentation tasks as it's very useful in situations in which it's faster to talk than to type. It comes along with its own learning process that allows it to adapt to the user's workflow as it's used more and more:

  • Think out loud and capture ideas faster than with your keyboard.
  • Modify texts and apply formats by means of voice commands.
  • Customized accuracy: the system memorizes the most used words and sentences.
  • Speak at a normal speed.
  • Check for suggestions in real time.
  • Import and export lists of customized words and vocabulary.
  • Create customized voice commands to insert graphics and text.
  • Automate processes thanks to macros.
  • Transcribe recordings based on audio files.
  • Support for different kinds of microphones.

Work with other applications

One of the main advantages of Dragon Professional is its capacity to work with other programs. It wouldn't be useful if we couldn't use it with the most important office software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Gmail, Outlook... Furthermore, it's based on a really fast and simple learning process which allows any beginner to master the program straight away. Its intuitive design and quick adaptation to the user's voice also help out.

All in all, if you're looking for a program to convert your voice into a Word document, to write an email or to fill in a form, here's the solution you were looking for.

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