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Gentoo is a powerful Linux distribution focused on users with experience with these operating systems. Download Gentoo now and try out all its features

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When we speak about Linux distributions, we sometimes make the mistake of limiting the conversation to two or three of them, normally referring to Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE, and forgetting about other distributions like for example the one we are talking about today, Gentoo, one of the most powerful distributions of the GNU world.

A Linux for advanced users

Thanks to Portage, its incredible package manager, this distribution has gained and grown as time has gone by, because it can be an ideal environment, due to its customization possibilities and all its great features, both for the general freeware user as for any developer, as Gentoo is also able to fulfil a great job in any professional environment.

So if you want to have a really powerful Linux distribution to fulfil any kind of task, whether to browse the Internet or to program any application, without having to worry about your system's stability, download Gentoo and discover an alternative distribution to the most popular ones.

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