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Linux Gamers is a LiveCD with which you'll be able to play all the games available on this Linux distribution. Linux Gamers is designed for hardcore players

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Do you spend night and day playing video games? Can you imagine a Linux distribution full of games? With Linux Gamers you can play a wide range of video games without having to install anything on your computer. Thanks to this LiveCD you can spend hours on end having fun with Frozen Bubble, Teeworlds or Pingus.

A distribution conceived for playing.

Your entertainment is guaranteed

To start playing with Linux Gamers you only have to boot the LiveCD, or launch this distribution from a USB stick with at least 1 GB of space. The following are some of the games we can play:

  • Armagetron Advanced.
  • AstroMenace.
  • Extreme Tux Racer.
  • Frozen Bubble.
  • Ltris.
  • Neverball.
  • Osmos Demo.
  • Pingus.
  • Teeworlds.
  • World of Goo Demo.
  • XMoto.

Moreover, with Linux Gamers you'll have access to the Internet with Arora, and you can chat with XChat. All the latter, in a simple and practical manner, without complicated settings. In Linux Gamers everything has already been done.

Wait no longer and download Linux Gamers for free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Using this application is free, but some of the games included have a commercial license and therefore have certain limitations.
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