Liquid Lemur Linux

3.0 Alpha 1

If you're looking for a Linux distribution that's totally customizable to your own liking by means of apps, try out this Liquid Lemur Linux based on Debian

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Liquid Lemur Linux is quite a young distro in the Linux world that was born with the idea of offering users a base distribution, by means of which they can create their very own fully customized version.

The developers of this distro, previously known as Liquid OS, had a very clear target from the beginning: create a fast and functional base distribution that was also eye-catching. And it looks like they've managed to do it.

Applications available in Liquid Lemur

  • APEman: to install add-ons, projects and tools to configure Liquid Lemur.
  • Autostarter: to configure which applications have to start running when the system boots.
  • Favorites: to show the applications that are used the most often.
  • Welcome: to help the user to start taking his first steps in Liquid Lemur.
  • Lemur Quit: to close session in this distribution.
  • Menu Updater: to keep all the applications up to date.
  • Several switches to be able to enable and disable different panels and docks.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a 64-bit processor.
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