Starting to use TikTok is simple. The operation of this social network is extremely simple and aims to "catch the user". Its design is similar to that of Instagram, but with stronger visual impacts. This is largely because it offers content based on dances, challenges, and music.

To take your first steps in TikTok, you do not need to create an account. Just open the application and select your interests. This way, you can customize the initial content that TikTok will show you. Then press Start watching to continue.

Select interestsSelect interests

You will then find yourself on the initial screen of TikTok.

TikTok’s main screenTikTok’s main screen

At the top, you can switch between content from the accounts you follow or content that the social network recommends.

Switch for content shownSwitch for content shown

Within the display of a video, there are several options. For example, there are several shortcuts on the right side of the screen. The first is a link to the user profile to where the content belongs. The heart serves to indicate what you like and the square to comment Finally, the arrow opens the menu for sharing in other applications.

Options within a videoOptions within a video

In the lower right corner, we find a vinyl. If you tap it, you will access more videos that use the same song.

Watch more videos with the same songWatch more videos with the same song

To discard a video and move on to the next one, scroll the screen up.

Gesture to move onto the next videoGesture to move onto the next video

After this analysis, it is time to look at the bottom menu and the different sections. Not including Home, the first is Discover. It has a search engine located at the top of the screen, and a lot of videos that TikTok thinks might interest you.

TikTok’s Discover sectionTikTok’s Discover section

The next section is Inbox. This notification hub shows the "likes" of other users in your content, comments, mentions, and new followers. You can also display notifications from TikTok, such as when a new login occurs.

TikTok’s inbox sectionTikTok’s inbox section

If you receive many notifications, you can filter them by category. Just tap on All activity.

Notifications filterNotifications filter

Finally, all your profile information is hosted in the Me section. Here, you can see your followers, your "likes", the content you have uploaded, or your biography.

My user profile sectionMy user profile section

To make changes to your profile, use the Edit profile button. By doing this, you can change your profile picture, your user, link other social profiles, or add a short phrase that defines you.

Edit your TikTok profileEdit your TikTok profile

In the menu of the three dots, you have some additional options.

Menu with additional optionsMenu with additional options

Once inside, you can customize the behavior of the application to suit your needs. As an example, you can make changes to your account, to the content you display, to the language of the application, or limit the use of data. However, from Malavida, we recommend that you take some time on the Privacy and safety section. These settings are vital to protect your privacy and control who can see your content.

Privacy optionsPrivacy options

What else should you know about how TikTok works? This would be an incomplete guide if we did not talk about its superb video capture and editing features. To start creating, just tap on the central button on the lower menu.

Button to create contentButton to create content

In the recording screen, you can add filters, modify the speed, set a timer, and activate the beauty mode. All these functions are grouped on the right side of the screen.

Effects when recording a videoEffects when recording a video

At the bottom, you will find the shutter, the duration selector, and access to various templates. You can also upload content from your gallery with Upload or apply additional effects with Effects.

Options to record and upload filesOptions to record and upload files

We cannot ignore one of the star features of TikTok: the background music. To choose from thousands of songs, use the Sounds button.

Open the song selectorOpen the song selector

In the song list, choose one and tap the side button to confirm that you want to add it to your video.

Add a songAdd a song

As you can see in the screenshot below, after recording a video, TikTok lets you add text, other sounds, and more effects. Once you have finished your creation, tap on Next and your video will be posted.

Editing after recording a videoEditing after recording a video

Broadly speaking, these are all the features of TikTok. With this guide, you can take your first steps into the popular social network. But do not be fooled. The only way to get to know TikTok thoroughly and take advantage of all its features is by spending time with it and being eager to learn.